How to Find the Best Towels For a Luxury Bathing Experience?

Picking towels that feel soft and fluffy is a good start, but there are certain expert-approved tips that will make sure you’re picking only the best and hardest-working bath towels wherever you shop. In fact one of the renowned bath towel manufacturer have come up with a collection that boasts of amazing features that will help you feel relaxed and clean after an amazing bathing experience. Hence, let’s read on the blog below to find out about the tips that will help you to choose the best towels.

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The Weight

Heavier, thicker towels tend to offer the softness and absorbency any sensible person would want from a bath towel. A towel’s GSM refers to its weight, and, the higher a towel’s GSM, the better performance you can expect from it,. In most cases, a GSM of 500 or more should be enough, though anyone wanting a softer or more absorbent towel can search for bath towels with higher GSMs.

Look at Materials

The best bath towels are created with 100 percent cotton. Long-staple cotton means the towel’s fibers are longer, which means the bath towel will be softer, more durable, and more absorbent. Check the materials, which should be listed online or on the towel’s care tag, along with the laundry symbols. There are many different weaves you can choose from.

Terry Cloth

This fabric is a weave of tiny loops of thread. These little twists are what makes terry towels so absorbent, because each one creates more surface area to drink up water. A fluffy towel like this, though, is slower to dry than thinner options. For the most absorbency, get ones that are 100 percent cotton, or opt for a blend with at least 50 percent cotton.

Turkish Towel

This extremely thin bath sheet has a tight weave, which means the fabric may be a little less absorbent than other styles. But it’s lightweight and durable, and it dries quickly. These towels are perfect for vacation: They take up minimal space in bags, can double as blankets on chilly plane trips, and dry quickly when spread out in a hot car after a beach day.

Honeycomb or Waffle Weave

These towels have a variegated surface that offers an invigorating after-shower rubdown. They dry efficiently, thanks to a puckered texture allowing for airflow. That said, their gift is their curse: In the dryer, the towels are prone to shrinkage, which can cause the edges to ripple. Avoid washing in hot water, and line-dry or dry on low heat.


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