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4 Menswear Pieces That Have Humble Starts in the Military

When wars are taken into consideration, the first thing that comes to our mind is annihilation and destruction. The 20th-century wars were completely undesirable but maybe without them, men would still be wearing frocks and sailor jackets. Crew necks, chinos, bomber jackets and many more came into existence because someone decided to make give the military men a deserved fashion upgrade. It was really great of them to do such a noble thing.


Today, even after years have passed, we are still hung-over with these pieces, incorporating them into our daily wear. As mentioned there are many such pieces which have humble starts in the military, however, a few noticeable ones have been summarized here. Keep reading to find out more.

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Bomber jacket

A military utility wear, a bomber jacket can be everything you want it to be. The basic idea behind the design of bomber jackets was to keep the pilots warm in the cockpits. Constructed mainly using heavy-duty leather jackets, the bombers were earlier lined with sheepskin for an extra bit of insulation. Today, with the entry of bomber jackets in the mainstream clothing circuit, has turned the tables and it is mostly leather and nylon. A key piece for the last few seasons, bombers are considered to be a flawless casual pick. For a more conventional interpretation, you can look for versions which come with leather trims and velvet. Wholesale clothing suppliers USA based have these featured in their already massive inventory.

White t-shirt

Can you imagine life without a white t-shirt? The answer will be no. because life without the most iconic men’s wear seems improbable. A white t-shirt is ubiquitous. A white t-shirt is perennial. And a white t-shirt was first introduced in the US Navy during the 1910s. It was later then used by the army, but a classic short-sleeves white cotton crew-neck was essential for them. However, even after the war ended, the popularity of these pieces didn’t cease to fade. They kept continuing their journey in the fashion world. From James Dean to Marlon Brando, David Beckham to Ryan Gosling, everyone loves a classic white t-shirt. So do us!

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A pair of trousers that sits bang in the middle of smart and casual, chinos is hard to miss. Before becoming a college campus staple or a Friday meeting essential, chinos were constructed greatly for battles. They were built for the British troops stationed in India and were highly inspired by the khaki. The basic construction was done using twill cotton and featured a sandy, light brown shade to provide a comfortable wear during the war. Also, the low-profile was meant to camouflage the dusty terrain. Nowadays, chinos are still the hardy wear but with a soft touch to the appeal which complements the Ivy League style. Stick to the basic shades in order to look the part.

Combat trousers

It was during the rough battles of the Second World War that cargo pants came into focus. The numerous patch pockets on the trousers were helpful for the British soldiers to hold field dressings. A slow-burning trend, combat trousers now come in tailored versions to complement the street style of modern world. The slimmed down version looks cool, ideal for casual gatherings on a hot summer day. But stick to the basic shades in order to give these an authentic appeal. Popular wholesale clothing manufacturers have combat trousers displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk.


Surprised? Astonished? Whatever it is, now that you know where these pieces come from, make sure you actually wear these with some respect.


If you are a retailer looking to make a bulk purchase of the above-mentioned clothes, then register with leading manufacturers. Massive discounts are available for bulk buyers.


Add Choker Neckpiece to Your Clothing Pieces to Glitter Like the Celebs

The newly reemerging trend of choker necklaces from the 90’s is back to do its round in the global fashion scenario. The punk and rock-chic vibe which they reflect is loved by the fashion -forward women, turn the basic outfits into high definition haute couture style statements. Encircled tightly around the neck, the chokers are being flaunted mainly by the celebs today, be it the Kardashians, or Rihanna or Kendal Jenner. Flaunting every iteration possible with these classic pieces, women are now exhibiting something unique, be it the fusion of class and funk, or something purely sporty and tomboyish. The leading wholesale clothing Australia manufacturers are who are giving way to brand new outfits every day, so that the women can accessorize them with these grungy chocker neckpieces.


The chokers are available in thick and thin metals or other fabrics, pretty awesome to help you deliver the retro style edge which is aesthetically beautiful for this season. One just needs to know the right rule to pull them off, without under doing or overdoing them. Need a boost of inspiration? here is a list of the celebs who will definitely motivate you to carry out this trend confidently. Wholesale Clothing Australia

Miranda Kerr
Her off duty looked shined like none! With a midriff baring white sleeve less crop top, she teamed the hot suede slim fit pant in beige with a black bomber jacket casually draped over her shoulder! Of course the embellished chocker and the sunglasses added a lot of glamour to her simple look.


Hailey Baldwin
Want to look punk and rock-chic? Then go the Hailey Baldwin style with a black and orange moto leather jacket teamed with a plain grey tee, tucked into a distressed black trouser and a top knot hairstyle! She showed the perfect way to do the skinny black choker with stacks of necklaces of different lengths.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
For the high-class formal red carpet event, this gorgeous celeb s defined the right graceful way to do a choker. Her tiered pinkish gown got the addition of a black lace choker neckpiece. No more accessories, and she graced the red carpet with haute-couture ensemble. Get hold of the majestic gowns from the retail stores spruced by the reputed wholesale clothing suppliers USA, and try out this look for any social outing. Wholesale Clothing Suppliers USA

Emily Ratajkowski
Het tough streak broad chocker in black received the perfect companion in the form of the floral little black dress she wore with ankle length boots.


Gigi Hadid
This young lady has become the ultimate fashion icon these days, doing every style with perfection! She embraced the monochromatic white color with a black fur jacket, and skinny distressed white skin fit trouser, teamed with the sleek satin finished choker!


Kendall Jenner
Do you want to try out the choker with the athleisure trend in the workoput clothes crafted by the renowned wholesale clothing USA manufactures? Then try out the Kendall Jenner ensemble with a dark grey cropped tee, teamed with high waist dark grey legging, and teamed this with a long black coat, and a very thin choker neckpiece!


Georgia May Jagger
She added the perfect 70’s spin to her persona in the floral satin shirt, with a black zip-up top, and the velvet black pant. The broad velvet choker added the charm and grace to her retro look.


Is There More to Wholesale Clothing than Just Its High Quality and Price?

Time and again small clothing businesses are advised to buy their wholesale clothing USA from top and recognized manufacturers, but they often undermine that advice and buy from the first company they find. They fail to realize that there’s lot more to manufacturers and clothing business that just the price and quality of wholesale.


Beyond high quality and price
Yes, the end consumer care only about the quality and price of clothes, which means you should too. But this shouldn’t restrict you from looking beyond these two; to grow and optimize your business, and to edge your competitors.


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Private label– Prominent wholesale clothing manufacturers USA offer private label clothing items, which those average-Joe wholesalers don’t. This option provides you the opportunity to expand your business exponentially. You can have your own private label clothing lineup without any hassle, in no time; meaning- clothing brand of your own.


Customization– Customizing the wholesale has become very important. This option helps in satisfying individual customers sufficiently and out-standing the competitors effortlessly. Top manufacturers and suppliers offer this option, others don’t.


Promotional clothing– Some manufacturers specialize in this niche. They understand the ‘its and bits’ of this marketing technique. They not only offer the best promotional clothing portfolio with quick and easy personalization option, but their team of leading and experienced professionals also offer advise and suggestion as how to promote the products or services in the most efficient way.


Corporate branding– Corporate branding is a whole different thing than promotional clothing. Different strategy and method needs to be adapted when marketing a brand name; and good manufacturers knows exactly how to do that.


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Distribution– Distribution is the most important aspect in clothing business. To get the best of the bulk, one needs distribution and delivery quickly and efficiently. And top wholesale distributors clothing in USA excel in that.


So next time when you go out to buy wholesale clothing USA, you should look beyond the high quality and price. They are undoubtedly very important, but there are few other things that would help you grow and expand your business without much of the hassle, really; all you need to do is buy from top and trusted wholesale clothing manufacturers USA.


Wholesale Clothing Advantages all Reluctant Buyers Must Know

Wholesale clothing manufacturers have assumed a greater role than ever before. They are no longer the providers of all things general and all things that could be improved upon. In fact, certain wholesale clothing distributors have gone so far ahead in the path of evolution that they have literally become little brands in themselves. However, a certain section of the population is still into nurturing the belief that wholesalers are still the general lot that caters to general needs and nothing more. The truth though, is a lot different. Here are 5 advantages that almost all renowned wholesalers offer, each of which makes them no lesser high end brands.


Unparalleled Quality – Manufacturers of wholesale clothing USA and quality providers of the like ensure working with very high quality fabrics and materials which are usually molded into literally off the ramp designs. From the style to the stitches, everything is worth applauding. A look through their online catalogues is more than enough to convince otherwise reluctant buyers.

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Custom creation of clothing – Unlike established brands, with wholesale manufacturers, even individual buyers can avail the chance of custom creating their own clothes. Many established providers like the wholesale clothing distributors USA are equipped to handle small orders of custom creation just as perfectly as custom creating bulk orders.


Kick starting your own brand – Wholesale clothing suppliers of these days are super empowered with sufficient above average technological and creative support to help enthusiastic individuals kick start their own mini brands. They are known for assisting the newbies with design suggestions to propel their efforts to immediate success.


Advantage of cost benefits – The advantage of cost is one of those benefits that wholesalers have maintained through the course of evolution. While quality, styles, designs and the very role of wholesaling per se has evolved, the matter of affordability has thankfully remained where it had always been. Availing the best in the least is only possible with high quality recognized wholesalers and this is an opportunity that no buyers should miss out on.


Advantage of scope – Last but not the least, wholesalers of the present century have ensured their availability to almost all places in the world. So, it is possible for any buyer located in one corner of the earth to avail all the advantages from exceptional wholesalers who may be located in the other end of the globe with no more than a few clicks of a button.


Things to Remember while Shopping for Clothes from Wholesale Dealers

Clothes are an important part of our personality, and we all love to wear fashionable clothing items that enhance our looks and persona in the best manner. However, with the rising prices of branded clothing, it is often difficult to get high quality apparel at affordable prices. In such cases, our best bet is to shop from wholesale clothing distributors as they can provide us with high end apparel at affordable rates. As the wholesale clothing USA market is expanding to greater heights, more and more dealers are choosing to be a part of the wholesale business. So if you are looking to buy your clothes from wholesale clothing suppliers USA, then you need to remember a few things before you do so. Let’s have a look at what are these.

Good quality

Quality is one of the first things that you need to be aware of when you are shopping from clothing distributors in the wholesale market. The clothing items that you are buying should not be of low quality just because you are paying less for them. Poor quality clothing will never provide you with the kind of durability and comfort that you are ideally looking for. Hence you need to make sure that the wholesale dealer from whom you are buying your clothes can provide you with genuine products of the highest quality. A good way to check whether a wholesale dealer can provide you with quality materials is to ask for samples of products.

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Market reputation

It is always best to buy your clothes from a dealer who has been in this business for a long time rather than a novice. An experienced wholesaler also has a positive market reputation, which acts as a guarantee that you will get high quality products. To find out a wholesale distributor with a solid market reputation, you can do some market research by asking people within this industry. An alternate way to do the same would be to check through the online resources. By going through customer reviews and feedbacks, you can find out a dealer with a reliable reputation.


The price of your clothes is also an important factor when you are shopping with wholesale dealers. You should check with multiple clothing wholesalers USA and find out the prices at which they offer their clothes. That way you will not end up paying more for a particular product. This also allows you to take advantage of special offers and discounts that wholesaler dealers offer on clothes from time to time.


Tips for Choosing Wholesale Clothing Distributors in USA

If you are a retailer dealing with clothing items in USA, you must be procuring your stock from various sources. While you do so you need to be very particular about choosing the right vendor that can offer you best deal including updated fashion items to meet the various needs of your customers.


Apparently buying clothes from wholesale clothing suppliers USA, at a wholesale price and selling them at retail prices seems to be quite lucrative and easy way to make money. But in reality it is not as simple as that. You have to be aware about various other things to be successful in this business.

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Here are few tips to make your retailing business stand out among the crowd.


1. Always try to create a niche. You can establish yourself as a specialist on women’s fashion clothing or an exclusive retailer for sports clothing or it can also be a unique store offering plus sized clothes only. This will help you to draw your customer’s attention in an easy way.


2. Before you select your niche make a thorough study about the clothing demand in the local market. Find out which types of fashion items are always in great demand.


3. While fixing this niche you also try to consider your personal interests too which will make it easy for you to go ahead in your business.


4. Now make a research about wholesale clothing distributors USA. Analyze which wholesale clothing in USA is offering the best prices and what type of delivery system they are following including the shipping method available with them is to be considered.


5. To choose a company ideal for your requirement, browse the net and look for this specifications:


a) Do the wholesale  company is asking you to join as their member and pay a membership fee to get the benefit in terms of pricing including other functional facilities?
b) Is the supplier fixing a minimum quantity of products in order to get a good price?
c) Is it possible for you to easily access the company?
d) Does the wholesaler have a good reputation in the market?


Once you become satisfied with all these questions you can select the right vendors who will be able to provide you the quality clothing items at an affordable price within the deadline.


Now it will be your challenge to market the clothing products intelligently to draw the attention of your customers and sell them effectively, not only to meet the pre-set objective your business but also to establish your brand as a popular choice within the local territory.


A Look at the Various Benefits of Buying from Clothing Distributors USA

Bulk purchase of goods has been around for many years, but it is only recently that people have started understanding its benefits in lessening the burden of having to pay for expensive products and services. There are very few people who do not care much about the high prices of services and commodities. Whereas, the majority of the society likes to get a discount every now and then.


As mentioned earlier, the concept of wholesale is not new, especially to shop owners. When one is buying an item in bulk quantity and not just one piece for themselves, they are buying wholesale. Even when sold in bulk, there is a specific number of items that one must purchase in order to be eligible to enjoy these products at prices that are lower than regular retailer rates.


Buying designer wholesale clothing has certain benefits of its own and the availability of variety in items is the first of those. The wholesale stores, whether online or brick and mortar, stock a variety of clothing from various brands. As such, you can even expect to get items from even the best of brands at discounted rates.

Wholesale Clothing Distributors

The clothing distributors USA source the items directly from the factory – thus the quality is better than of those you find at the retail shops. Due to a fewer stages in transit, the prices are also lower. Moreover, when you are buying American apparel wholesale you can have the assurance that you are not spending your money on fraudulent items. In retail shops, there is always a possibility of the original clothing being displayed along with a few first and second hand copies. Buying form wholesalers, who are also manufacturers, eliminates those risks.


As the emergence of internet has revolutionized every sector under the sun, the field of wholesale clothing for women is no exception. Most wholesalers, nowadays, have put up their own websites. You can easily visit these websites and browse through the items. After you have chosen the item you want to purchase, place your order online and the ordered clothing will be delivered to your doorstep in just a few working days. You have the choice to either pay online or make the payment after the delivery of the items have been made. You can even take the help of the customer care executives if you are not sure about something; the communication channels are open 24X7. Shopping hardly gets any more convenient than this!