How To Pair Your Sleeveless Dress In Summers

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Summer is the season of having fun, traveling and a lot more things. During this time, the dressing styles can be just anything which makes you comfortable, giving you a cool or stylish look. Apart from the ruffles and bell sleeves, on the unusually hotter days, you get to wear sleeveless dresses. The wholesale clothing vendors in San Francisco brings an eye-catching collection of sleeveless dresses. But then, many of you wonder, what to wear over a sleeveless dress in summers.

Even though sleeveless dress is a real saver in hot summer days, sometimes it can be tricky combining with other toppers. The secret is in layering actually. You can look absolutely stunning if you pair your sleeveless dress with some of these pieces:

Pairing it with a lace jacket

Lace jackets are just great for summer. Go for a midi dress and same color lace jacket. Pairing a lace jacket with a sleeveless dress will add comfort as well as glamor to your outfit in this summer.

Use the bombers

Bombers are very soft and comfortable. Coming with a typical baggy cut, it makes you feel like you are wrapped in a piece of cloud. Though most women like to wear it with jeans or leggings, there is nothing wrong if you wear it with a sleeveless dress. You will look very fashionable and trendy!

Adding a fringed shrug

Go for a fringed shrug if you love a cool and a retro look. It will give you a colorful, fresh and bright appearance. These days, you can find a variety of shrug styles to wear with your short sleeveless dresses for a casual yet a pretty look.

Team it with your denim jacket

It is a fact that denim jackets can be effortlessly worn with any dress and it will never go out of style. Denim jacket in combination with a sleeveless dress makes a cute pairing. Your outfit is sure to look awesomely adorable!

Sleeveless dress + single button blazer

Pair your sleeveless dress with a lightweight single button blazer. This style effortlessly goes with every event and never goes out of style.

Sheer top with your sleeveless dress

A lightweight or sheer top over your sleeveless dress will keep you cool as you cover up. These tops are a great option to have as covering your arms they protect your skin from excessive sun exposure. To up your style game, you can search for a top that is mostly see-through and that complements the color of your sleeveless dress.

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