The Ultimate Men’s Checked Waistcoat Guide

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A super ‘in-trend’ fashion item nowadays is a checked waistcoat. In fact, it can even be called a wardrobe essential, a status far more superior than its once “a mere fashion accessory”. How? They add charm to your appearance and personality, enhance your style, and are just a great way to improve your dressing sense. But unfortunately, some men still don’t have a clue on how to wear it properly.

Go through this easy, and simple guide to know how to wear a checked waistcoat smartly and look your best!

Should you be wearing a checked waistcoat dressed down?

Other than the blazer, a checked waistcoat is a fashionable part of a two or three-piece suit. However, it is not always necessary that you wear it only the formal way. If you wish then you can also partner it well with a pair of nice jeans. But remember, wearing it casually, go for a waistcoat that is in a contrasting pattern always. It displays your relaxed, comfortable style. If you are planning to go on a family dinner then all you need to do is add a handkerchief and it will complete your look! Though, with an item like a versatile checked waistcoat, whether you wear it formally with a suit or casually with jeans, as already stated above, it will add more fashion elements to your entire look and persona! If you are a business owner reading this blog and wondering how to get your own innovative clothing collection then hurry and immediately contact one of the top-rated custom clothing manufacturers today!

Is it okay to leave the final button undone?

Never leave the final button of the waistcoat undone. It is a huge mistake that most men make, thinking that it will make them look more attractive. In fact, it will make you look odd, especially if it’s your wedding day! After all, how good it can possibly be for you with your shirt and probably your waistband exposed? You won’t be too willing to have such memories with you for a lifetime, particularly in your wedding pictures, will you?

Additional expert tips

  • The checked waistcoats always offer a good amount of fashion by adding that perfect finishing touch to various suit styles, be it vintage or modern or fusion. So never feel afraid to show your style sense and go bold with different patterns. The sophisticated black and white patterned checked waistcoat in the grand flannel collection provided by a famed clothing manufacturer USA is tailored to magnify the male charm!
  • The waistcoat should be such that it is long enough to cover your shirt and waistband, thus offering you a decent look.
  • The waistcoat’s contrast lining on the back can promise you more sophistication.

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