Wearing Men’s Designer Flannel Shirts?- Here’s a Knowhow!

A plaid shirt is one of the most adorable piece of clothing that every guy craves to own, thanks to pop stars Kurt Cobain and Paul Banyan who made them universally popular overnight. But sometimes it becomes really difficult to figure out how to style without looking like a farmer, lumberjack or a proud hipster. So here we have pulled together some of the essential rules to make a plaid shirt work. but before going to that check out its undeniable history.

A brief look at the history of flannel shirts

Flannel, since its evolution in the 90s by a sub-culture, popularly known as grunge, has found its foot in the recent age from being a material to a special checkered print. Though in earlier times it was a well known dress code for the working class, especially farmers, it has gradually fuelled the interest of many a man and woman from different genres and remained a classic favorite till now.


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Things to keep in mind

Are you going to wear your mens designer flannel shirts to more than one places? Then you must follow the guidelines below to pull them off just right.


>> Fabric and fit

Be it dressing up for the office or a casual getaway, you would not to look out of place with your flannel shirt. So pick the ones with trimmed cuts that flatter your torso instead piling up in your sleeves as a thick, heavyweight shirt often tends to do. So when you are heading out to the office, you can certainly team up your soft plaid shirt with a blazer and trouser without looking too bulky or feeling uncomfortable. Plus, a lightweight fabric is the smartest choice for the hot and humid summer.


>> Red cannot be your sole choice

Flannel shirts often conjure up visions of red in the pattern. In fact, you may have often noticed a lumberjack wearing plaids in combination of red and other colors. No matter how classic does it look, you can think beyond it and experiment a bit to avoid the same pinch look. So make your bet for the ones in a unique and more modern fusion of blue and grey or olive green, rich grey and burgundy.


Mens Designer Flannel Shirts


Retailers must also keep this point in mind and extend their stocks with wholesale mens flannel shirts in other shades like black, grey, green, yellow and purple, besides red.


>> Consider its layering potential

Whether its winter morning or a spring afternoon, you can certainly use a layer over your flannel shirt or wear it as a layer. While a navy pea coat over a black and blue plaid shirt can add a refined touch to the entire silhouette, donning an open yellow and green shirt over a white t-shirt match your casual vibe that you may want to spread with your outfit.


These are only few hints on striking a perfect look with these shirts. So retailers should keep these rules in mind while banking on mens flannel shirts wholesale and also help their customers with them.