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5 Celebs Wearing Men’s Flannel Shirts- Who Nailed It Best?

Flannel shirts are certainly not a new thing to break a news, it is those hot men (read that celebrities) who have been turning on the fire with their lumber-sexual appearance that is making us go swooning over them. So here’s a countdown of some famous men who have worn or are wearing checks lately. While men can take it as their spring-summer couture inspiration, women can go drooling over their svelte looks.

Ryan Reynolds

That plaid shirts have not left the fashion runway can be well understood once you follow the current style of Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. Ever since he was spotted in Sundance Film Festival in 2015 wearing a well-fitted mens designer flannel shirts in red and black checks, slim-fit jeans, leather boots and expertly trimmed facial hair, he has been making more such appearances in his favorite lumberjack shirts. The colors that he has incorporated into his wardrobe are green, blue and black.


Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts

Charlie Hunnam

Be it for a photo session, a music concert or just a walk around the town, Charlie Hunnam surely knows how to work his flannel shirts with that long hair and well groomed beard. Reportedly he has gone so deep into the skin of the character, Jax in Sons of Anarchy, that he has been wearing only plaid shirts in different checks and colors, like blue and white, brown and yellow and red and black, with white plain t-shirts and straight-fit jeans, ever since its first season. But we don’t complain (wink).

Liam Hemsworth

While taking a short break from shooting his film The Dressmaker, Liam Hemsworth has been spotted in a supermarket wearing his open red, blue and white checkered shirt over a white tee, teamed up with dark blue jeans and grey and white sneakers. Again on the event of premiering his upcoming “Hunger Games” instalment, he has buttoned up an olive green and white checks flannel shirt with casual jeans and made such a daunting appearance that it gives us a hot look to daydream about until we binge watch his acting chops on Netflix.


Mens Designer Flannel Shirts


Retailers must also take some style cues from these top celebrities and bank on wholesale mens flannel shirts to impress their customers.

Gerard Butler

No matter how famous he is for playing valiant heroes in action blockbusters, Gerard Butler keeps his look quite low-key as strides through LAX in a casual blue and grey tartan shirt combined with jeans and black boots and a cap and yet makes us gaping at him. He sports another small checkered piece while making his way to the bustling Los Angeles airport and working it with aviators and trilby hat in order to beat the sun.

David Beckham

When it comes to talking about the most handsome men playing their cards with flannel shirts, who can miss out the ever stylish and the trendiest footballer, David Beckham. Despite his timely retirement in 2013, he has remained the true fashion icon, giving every metro-sexual trend a must try. Recently he has been making waves in the fashion scene by putting on simple plaid shirts in red, blue, white and green for different occasions, from watching a match with his kids to posing for Esquire. So while women swoon over his exceptional style statement, boys must follow his trendsetting appearances, sometimes over a white tee and sometimes with a beanie on the head.


Top 3 Flannel Trends and Styling Tips for Men in 2018

Gone are the days when flannel shirts were meant for the cowboys and hippies, the 90’s grunge style is all about embellishments, over-sized dressing and sacai patterns. So all thanks to the designers who are churning out fresh new design ideas to funk up the boring flannel shirts while offering lot more reasons to try them out at different places and occasions, from casual hangouts to formal events. Here’s a look at the trends and a few simple tips for fashion forward men.

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Fresh volumes of flannel shirts for Fall

1. Embellishments and embroideries

As flannel shirts have made a comeback and the combination of red and black has also been spotted at the runways but with a little twist in their designs. Designers have styled them with small floral embellishments and catchy embroideries to add a bit of an edge to the look. Men can also find different colors choices such as olive green and black or blue and white with dashing embroideries that can notch up their style quotient.


Those business owners who are trying to promote their brand names can stock up on the trendy embroidered mens flannel shirts wholesale that are available near any trustworthy clothing manufacturers online.


2. Oversized button-down

The over-sized button down plaid shirts are another high of this season that are coming in an array of hues like black, white, green, red and so on. The bigger-than-the-size look goes perfect when you want team it with plain t-shirt and jeans.


Retailers can also find these shirts at the online hubs of the reputed wholesale mens flannel shirts manufacturers in greater range of color schemes, since they are a great alternative to tailored to perfection fit shirts.


3. Sacai flannel

The experimentation with flannels reach a new level of highs with the introduction of sacai prints and patterns. When the vibrant choice of hues like red, white, blue, yellow and green blend with the comfy fabric, it generates an eye-catching sight for the onlookers.


Retailers willing to expand their stocks and woo their customers with their novel and experimental collections must opt for these sacai printed plaid shirts and check out different color combinations at the online catalogue of mens designer flannel shirts manufacturers.

Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts

Styling tips for men

a. Over the tee

From David Beckham to Justin Bieber, it is most trendy way to wear a flannel shirt over a plain to graphic tee. But leave the buttons of the shirt open, no matter what tee you are putting on and pair them with denim jeans or chinos..


b. Tie around the waist

This is another massive trend of wearing the shirt around the waist. For instance, you can pick an old red and black plaid and tie it around the hip with a white t-shirt worn above. This will not only help you stay cool when the temperature rises but also offer an additional grunge vibe to the appearance..


c. Tuck it or not

Be it a formal event or a hangout with friends, put on a plaid shirt with a pair of nice jeans or chinos and you look no less hot. But make sure that tuck in goes for formal while tuck out makes more sense for informal occasions.


Retro Fashion Trends Making a Comeback: Flannel Shirts, Bell Bottoms and More


Fashion is one of the arenas which never misses an opportunity to deck up men and women in the best avatars. Today, no more is the world of fashion restricted to introducing new features, rather the old and conventional style statements are making a huge and strong comeback with a bang. The retro or the old school fashion trends are being revamped and revived by the fashion experts, and hence the wholesalers and designers too are bringing them with twist to the retail outlets. It is time to for once give up on everything fresh and new, and rather embrace the retro trends with open arms, without hesitating even a bit. If the celebs and models can do them confidently, why not you? Thus, if you are making an effort to go back to the classic vintage roots of fashion, you must stock up your wardrobe with the mens designer flannel shirts, leather pants, hats and many more for the most amazing makeovers!

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts

Rustic suspenders

Are you looking forward to get a combination of raw edge and classy demeanor for the weekend outing this time? Then go back to the 90’s and take style cues from the men who excelled in styling the suspenders with shirts and denims. These suspenders are great to accessorize with and lend a very flirtatious, yet elegant stance to the men who want to break the style monotony with little effort, confidently.

Casually careless vests

Be it in plaid cotton or the denim ones, the vests are a great way to transform a simple outfit to something extraordinary. You can spice up your simple tee or short for a party with a lot of shine and glitter with a smart vest which would notch up your appeal to some other level, and also lend a casual yet stylish vibe to your persona.

Macho and cute bowties

Do you want a dovetail of macho and cute looks? Then complement your shirt with a bow tie which would be apt for any social get together or formal function. Also, this can be teamed with vests, blazers and tuxedos for wedding parties and office events!

Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts

Flannel funk

The classic wholesale mens flannel shirts are back onto the global fashion scene and they are creating a huge stir today. Be it for the cowboy edge or for tying around the waist shenanigans, the flannel shirts are perfect blend of comfort and style, and definitely voice a very popular style quotient. Wear them both casually and formally and this versatility of them make them high on appeal and appreciation.

Lavish leather pants

Remember how Ross in Friends, the TV series loved his leather pants but had to suffer a malfunction ? Or the rockstars of the 90’s performing on stage in check shirts and leather pants? Yes, the lavish leather pants are back in the global fashion scene and men are getting inclined towards them for the hotness they carry. For parties, they can be the best clothing option if you can fuse them properly with other outfits, and look dapper and downright sexy!

Denim bell bottoms

When it comes to street wear, the bell bottom jeans are again making their presence felt in the wardrobes of the fashion forward men. Wear them with boots to get the perfect funky look, and also with tees and sneakers for the most casual and sporty silhouette!


Thus, be it the mens flannel shirts wholesale items or the accessories like bow tie, keep yourself updated and look classic in retro style easily!


Experiment Various Ways to Slip into Wholesale Flannel Shirts for Men

Once worn by farmers and cowboys, flannel shirts have completely revolutionized a man’s closet today. This vintage fashion statement tops the fashion list, ensuring comfort, warmth and ease. If you want to look unique, why not opt for a classic flannel shirt? Mens designer flannel shirts are quintessential in a retail store. Manufacturers and Distributors are upgrading the stocks of retail stores in the market with variety and novelty. Catch eyes with numerous ways to slip into a flannel. Let’s explore few of them:


Keep your look simple yet stylish for a casual gathering. You can team up a flannel with slim fit or straight denims. Also experiment with the buttons. Keep it buttoned up or leave unbuttoned. Get a contrasting effect with a proper synchronization of colours in terms of the shirt and the bottom. If you are going for dark coloured shirt, then slip into a lighter denim or khaki pant and vice versa. To get a more casual look, roll up your sleeves.

Mens Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Layer it up

For a casual occasion, layer up wholesale mens flannel shirts in style and ease. Wear a simple pain tee over it. Also to get a funky look, slip in a flannel shirt over a graphic tee. Go bold in picking up a tee that will go well with your flannel in terms of print and colour. Get into a sneaker or chino for a relaxed look. This look goes perfectly well with denims and shorts or bermudas.

Wintry look

When it is winter, styling with a flannel shirt can never go wrong. If your outfit is of various colors, go for solid coloured sweaters over or under it. This enhances your sophistication. Also, denims jackets, wool coats or puffer or quilted vests look amazingly elegant and smart with flannels. This look is perfect for an outdoor trip or adventure.

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts

Go formal or semi-formal

Button up a flannel completely for a formal or semi formal look. You can easily invest into a wool coat over it with cotton pants or jumpers and chinos to add an extra twist to your appearance. This classic suited look can be rendered a more formal one with solid-dark coloured suit or blazer.


A plain flannel shirt worn in any way should look classic and elegant. For this, accessorizing it properly is important o give your best look. Experiment a flannel shirt with a headwear ranging from a flat cap, to hat etc. For a typical office look, try a tie around your neck with a cardigan over a buttoned up flannel shirt. Also, go for boots, chinos or boat shoes to be a charmer.


Mens flannel shirts wholesale are definitely catching attention in the fashion scene today. Being a versatile clothing, flannel shirts offer a wide array of looks. From casual, to formal, semi-formal and seasonal, deck up your look with the best one from the retail store.


3 Reasons Why Flannel Shirt is Your Best Friend and Few Fashion Tips

‘What goes around comes around!’ This is an old saying that truly reflects the nature of our lives. Flannel shirts, once popular, faced a downfall and disappeared. But they redeemed themselves and came back with a bang! They are better than ever! And popular too! But what makes flannel shirts so popular? Here are three reasons to justify the statement.


Reason 1: Flannel shirts are comfortable to wear! They are like the snuggle bombs which explode you with coziness. Given that the colder months are on a roll again, flannel shirts serve the best purpose as they keep you warm inside, with you not having to be worried about feeling the chill.Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Reason 2: Flannel shirts are for everyone! No like literally, they are for everyone. Men and women can wear them with equal panache. The ubiquitous nature of a flannel shirt further adds to its popularity. Wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers have crafted shirts for both that showcase a plethora of shades and textures.


Reason 3: Do you know that flannel shirts work well with layers? The more the layers, the better it looks. As surprised as you might be now, flannel shirts when teamed with bomber jackets or denim jackets look sassy and add to the cool status quo.


Now you know that flannel shirts are your best friend and will never disappoint you. Ever! They went around and came around as well.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts

But how do you wear them? Well, since it is different for men and women, here is looking at each individually.


For men– Since flannel shirt should be your forte, you can wear it in the easiest way imaginable. Throw your flannel shirt over a plain white shirt and complete the ensemble using a pair of denim and plimsolls. The attire is simple yet comfortable and classy. Keep the accessories at bay and just let the shirt work its charm. Wholesale mens flannel shirts are available with the best of the manufacturers.


For women– You can too opt for something simple yet chic. Instead of wearing your flannel shirt with a pair of jeans, tuck it into a pair of trousers in black. A pair of ankle length boots and a modest neckpiece will add to your elegance. You can further use a statement belt to highlight your stature. Top manufacturers have the best of wholesale womens flannel shirts displayed in their catalog.


Thus, with all these tips, make good use of your flannel shirt. Retailers can make a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices!


How to Wear Flannel Shirts for Both Genders: 4 Things to Remember

If you are looking for one name that has reached the epitome of success in the casual wardrobe, then yes you guessed it right, flannel shirts. In fact, you can’t really beat a flannel shirt. No matter what you throw it with, a staunch pair of trousers or a cool pair of jeans, it works well with all. Since we know that flannel shirts are extremely versatile, we are also aware of the fact that they work well for both men and women. So without much ado, let us read and discover a little more about how to dress them for both the genders.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale

For the alpha males

Since we all are already aware of how to dress casually using a flannel shirt, let us focus on how to dress smart. The first thing that you should remember when it comes to wearing a flannel shirt in a smart ensemble is to avoid loud colors. They only make you look ostentatious and boisterous. So a subtle color flannel shirt that you can get from manufacturers of wholesale mens flannel shirts teamed with a dark pair of well-tailored jeans and a structured blazer is all you need. A pair of loafers will help you find the equilibrium between nifty and grunge. A wrist watch will be the ideal pick for accessories.

For the fierce females

Reputed manufacturers have constructed wholesale womens flannel shirts which aim at making them look elegantly smart. Unlike men, we are going to concentrate on the very spontaneous side of flannel for the female mass. Pick one in a vibrant shade and wear it over a white t-shirt summer dress. A pair of sneakers and retro shades will balance out the old and the new perfectly. For a feminine touch and to level out the grunge appearance of the flannel shirts, you can put on a chunky neckpiece for accessories. Simple, sober yet so stunningly effective.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts

Few points to remember

1. Flannel shirts are extremely cool, so show it off with pride. Thus, summers are the right time to wear flannel.

2. Flannels are classy for some of the colors are classy. Red, black, brown, blue, green, yellow and grey are some of the most sought after colors. Get one for yourself.

3. Experiment without caring much about the look. If you want to go lumberjack, so be. If you want to tie it around the waist, your choice again. Your shirt, your look, rest act as a Good Samaritan.

4. Loafers and trainers, ballerinas and pumps are the best footwear to pick for flannel coupling. They help highlight the plaid flannel with much pride.


On that note, make complete use of flannel shirts this summer for a unique personal style statement. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with the best of the manufacturers and can be purchased in bulk by retailers.

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Wearing Men’s Designer Flannel Shirts?- Here’s a Knowhow!

A plaid shirt is one of the most adorable piece of clothing that every guy craves to own, thanks to pop stars Kurt Cobain and Paul Banyan who made them universally popular overnight. But sometimes it becomes really difficult to figure out how to style without looking like a farmer, lumberjack or a proud hipster. So here we have pulled together some of the essential rules to make a plaid shirt work. but before going to that check out its undeniable history.

A brief look at the history of flannel shirts

Flannel, since its evolution in the 90s by a sub-culture, popularly known as grunge, has found its foot in the recent age from being a material to a special checkered print. Though in earlier times it was a well known dress code for the working class, especially farmers, it has gradually fuelled the interest of many a man and woman from different genres and remained a classic favorite till now.

Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts

Things to keep in mind

Are you going to wear your mens designer flannel shirts to more than one places? Then you must follow the guidelines below to pull them off just right.


>> Fabric and fit

Be it dressing up for the office or a casual getaway, you would not to look out of place with your flannel shirt. So pick the ones with trimmed cuts that flatter your torso instead piling up in your sleeves as a thick, heavyweight shirt often tends to do. So when you are heading out to the office, you can certainly team up your soft plaid shirt with a blazer and trouser without looking too bulky or feeling uncomfortable. Plus, a lightweight fabric is the smartest choice for the hot and humid summer.


>> Red cannot be your sole choice

Flannel shirts often conjure up visions of red in the pattern. In fact, you may have often noticed a lumberjack wearing plaids in combination of red and other colors. No matter how classic does it look, you can think beyond it and experiment a bit to avoid the same pinch look. So make your bet for the ones in a unique and more modern fusion of blue and grey or olive green, rich grey and burgundy.

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts


Retailers must also keep this point in mind and extend their stocks with wholesale mens flannel shirts in other shades like black, grey, green, yellow and purple, besides red.


>> Consider its layering potential

Whether its winter morning or a spring afternoon, you can certainly use a layer over your flannel shirt or wear it as a layer. While a navy pea coat over a black and blue plaid shirt can add a refined touch to the entire silhouette, donning an open yellow and green shirt over a white t-shirt match your casual vibe that you may want to spread with your outfit.


These are only few hints on striking a perfect look with these shirts. So retailers should keep these rules in mind while banking on mens flannel shirts wholesale and also help their customers with them.


Putting on Flannel Shirts after Winter? – 6 Places Where Men Can Wear them

Just as Poet Keats said ”If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” the cold months may be leaving for the year but there’s spring waiting for your welcome. So those who have not been able to get over their classy flannel shirts have nothing to worry about. All they need to do is choose the right place and occasion while styling them properly. Here’s a look at where can you wear them.

Regular college classes

At late winter or in the beginning of the spring, when you cannot wear even those soft woollen layers, some mens designer flannel shirts can certainly come to your rescue. Just put on your basic grey tee over a red and white plaid shirt over and keep the buttons open to flaunt it as a layer. Now team them up with ripped denim jeans and to make the look more informal, fold the sleeves up. Or else take some style note from your favorite footballer on this point and “bend it like Beckham”.

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts

Chill-out coffee breaks with friends

Are your friends calling you for a quick chat at a coffee shop on a Sunday morning? Then instead of rummaging through your entire wardrobe, trust a classic green and blue button-down flannel shirt and match it up with a pair of red shorts and sporty sneakers and you are good to hit the street.

College fests

Got a performance on the stage as well as want to impress a girl that you have been checking out for long in your college? Then make the move and it is only possible when you are downright confident. This comes with your proper dressing up for the event. So work your flannel in blue and yellow with a pair of ocean blue chinos and stylish boots or loafers and churn out some really good tracks to make serious impression.

Music concerts

Since some music concerts do not end before the midnight, you will certainly need something for the unpredictable chill at the late hours. So wear a plaid shirt in blue, green and yellow over a plain white tee and team up with dark wash denim jeans and tan brown boots. However, when the temperature rises a few degrees, you can tie the shirt around the waist and flaunt your sporty look.

Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts

Interview appearance

Though attending an interview calls for wearing something formal, the hipster flannel can work wonders for you. Here’s how! Just slip into a plaid shirt in blue and white small checks and pair up with a blue or grey blazer and navy or black tailored-fit trousers and be confident from inside.

Dinner date

If you are about to head out for a date, then do not go for the same old white cotton shirt, rather go creative. Take out your white and grey plaid and match it up with navy blazer and white trousers with a pair of dark brown oxford shoes worn under the feet. To purchase different colors and checks of flannel shirts, pay a visit to the online hubs of mens flannel shirt manufacturers USA.


For retailers and business owners several online manufacturers are offering the option for customization. So they must hurry up and send their requirements to them to grab these wholesale mens flannel shirts at special bulk prices.


Five Women and Men Flannel Shirts to Rock this Holiday Season

Although men’s and womens flannel shirts are popular around the seasons, different seasons call in for different varieties of these shirts. Meaning- you can’t wear the same variety of flannel shirt in winter that you wore this past summer; well, of course you can ‘can’ if you want to lag behind the trend and in the fashion world.


Wholesale Flannel Shirts


So here are five men and women plaid flannel shirts to own this winter to rock your holidays; this list would also be helpful if you own a small clothing business- stock these types of wholesale flannel shirts:


1. Classic red and black This variety is the first love of all season in both women and men’s department. Classic red and black flannel shirts sit atop of every customers’ demand list. Very chic, they come in a range of different types of patterns- mostly either small or big boxes.
2. Grey and black plaid Grey and black flannel shirts peak in the demand during winter, thanks to their dark color combination. It is mostly preferred by men, but that is not to say women don’t like them. They go perfectly with blue denim jeans.
3. Green camouflage Green camouflage flannel shirts are for the people who want that sporty and bad-ass look. They look on both women and men. Just pair them up light color bottoms and right kind of footwear.
4. Red and white checks With history as evidence, this type of flannel shirt always comes to the mainstream during winter. Maybe it is their color combination that complements Christmas or whatever but red and white check flannel shirts are adored by both ladies and men equally.
5. Lake Plaid It is the pattern of lake plaid flannel shirts and not necessarily their color combinations that make them a favorite among everyone. So, as the age-old rule goes, if you are targeting women, customize your wholesale flannel shirts with light colors and for men, root for dark color combinations.


Flannel Shirts Manufacturer


Note for small businesses
Since you are buying women and wholesale mens flannel shirts for winter season, you have to be particularly careful about the quality of its fabrics. It should not only provide optimum level of comfort to the wearer, but also be well adept to combat the cold and chilly days of this season. They should be cozy and offer warmth.