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5 Celebs Wearing Men’s Flannel Shirts- Who Nailed It Best?

Flannel shirts are certainly not a new thing to break a news, it is those hot men (read that celebrities) who have been turning on the fire with their lumber-sexual appearance that is making us go swooning over them. So here’s a countdown of some famous men who have worn or are wearing checks lately. While men can take it as their spring-summer couture inspiration, women can go drooling over their svelte looks.

Ryan Reynolds

That plaid shirts have not left the fashion runway can be well understood once you follow the current style of Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. Ever since he was spotted in Sundance Film Festival in 2015 wearing a well-fitted mens designer flannel shirts in red and black checks, slim-fit jeans, leather boots and expertly trimmed facial hair, he has been making more such appearances in his favorite lumberjack shirts. The colors that he has incorporated into his wardrobe are green, blue and black.


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Charlie Hunnam

Be it for a photo session, a music concert or just a walk around the town, Charlie Hunnam surely knows how to work his flannel shirts with that long hair and well groomed beard. Reportedly he has gone so deep into the skin of the character, Jax in Sons of Anarchy, that he has been wearing only plaid shirts in different checks and colors, like blue and white, brown and yellow and red and black, with white plain t-shirts and straight-fit jeans, ever since its first season. But we don’t complain (wink).

Liam Hemsworth

While taking a short break from shooting his film The Dressmaker, Liam Hemsworth has been spotted in a supermarket wearing his open red, blue and white checkered shirt over a white tee, teamed up with dark blue jeans and grey and white sneakers. Again on the event of premiering his upcoming “Hunger Games” instalment, he has buttoned up an olive green and white checks flannel shirt with casual jeans and made such a daunting appearance that it gives us a hot look to daydream about until we binge watch his acting chops on Netflix.


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Retailers must also take some style cues from these top celebrities and bank on wholesale mens flannel shirts to impress their customers.

Gerard Butler

No matter how famous he is for playing valiant heroes in action blockbusters, Gerard Butler keeps his look quite low-key as strides through LAX in a casual blue and grey tartan shirt combined with jeans and black boots and a cap and yet makes us gaping at him. He sports another small checkered piece while making his way to the bustling Los Angeles airport and working it with aviators and trilby hat in order to beat the sun.

David Beckham

When it comes to talking about the most handsome men playing their cards with flannel shirts, who can miss out the ever stylish and the trendiest footballer, David Beckham. Despite his timely retirement in 2013, he has remained the true fashion icon, giving every metro-sexual trend a must try. Recently he has been making waves in the fashion scene by putting on simple plaid shirts in red, blue, white and green for different occasions, from watching a match with his kids to posing for Esquire. So while women swoon over his exceptional style statement, boys must follow his trendsetting appearances, sometimes over a white tee and sometimes with a beanie on the head.


Top 3 Flannel Trends and Styling Tips for Men in 2018

Gone are the days when flannel shirts were meant for the cowboys and hippies, the 90’s grunge style is all about embellishments, over-sized dressing and sacai patterns. So all thanks to the designers who are churning out fresh new design ideas to funk up the boring flannel shirts while offering lot more reasons to try them out at different places and occasions, from casual hangouts to formal events. Here’s a look at the trends and a few simple tips for fashion forward men.

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Fresh volumes of flannel shirts for Fall

1. Embellishments and embroideries

As flannel shirts have made a comeback and the combination of red and black has also been spotted at the runways but with a little twist in their designs. Designers have styled them with small floral embellishments and catchy embroideries to add a bit of an edge to the look. Men can also find different colors choices such as olive green and black or blue and white with dashing embroideries that can notch up their style quotient.


Those business owners who are trying to promote their brand names can stock up on the trendy embroidered mens flannel shirts wholesale that are available near any trustworthy clothing manufacturers online.


2. Oversized button-down

The over-sized button down plaid shirts are another high of this season that are coming in an array of hues like black, white, green, red and so on. The bigger-than-the-size look goes perfect when you want team it with plain t-shirt and jeans.


Retailers can also find these shirts at the online hubs of the reputed wholesale mens flannel shirts manufacturers in greater range of color schemes, since they are a great alternative to tailored to perfection fit shirts.


3. Sacai flannel

The experimentation with flannels reach a new level of highs with the introduction of sacai prints and patterns. When the vibrant choice of hues like red, white, blue, yellow and green blend with the comfy fabric, it generates an eye-catching sight for the onlookers.


Retailers willing to expand their stocks and woo their customers with their novel and experimental collections must opt for these sacai printed plaid shirts and check out different color combinations at the online catalogue of mens designer flannel shirts manufacturers.

Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts

Styling tips for men

a. Over the tee

From David Beckham to Justin Bieber, it is most trendy way to wear a flannel shirt over a plain to graphic tee. But leave the buttons of the shirt open, no matter what tee you are putting on and pair them with denim jeans or chinos..


b. Tie around the waist

This is another massive trend of wearing the shirt around the waist. For instance, you can pick an old red and black plaid and tie it around the hip with a white t-shirt worn above. This will not only help you stay cool when the temperature rises but also offer an additional grunge vibe to the appearance..


c. Tuck it or not

Be it a formal event or a hangout with friends, put on a plaid shirt with a pair of nice jeans or chinos and you look no less hot. But make sure that tuck in goes for formal while tuck out makes more sense for informal occasions.


Retro Fashion Trends Making a Comeback: Flannel Shirts, Bell Bottoms and More


Fashion is one of the arenas which never misses an opportunity to deck up men and women in the best avatars. Today, no more is the world of fashion restricted to introducing new features, rather the old and conventional style statements are making a huge and strong comeback with a bang. The retro or the old school fashion trends are being revamped and revived by the fashion experts, and hence the wholesalers and designers too are bringing them with twist to the retail outlets. It is time to for once give up on everything fresh and new, and rather embrace the retro trends with open arms, without hesitating even a bit. If the celebs and models can do them confidently, why not you? Thus, if you are making an effort to go back to the classic vintage roots of fashion, you must stock up your wardrobe with the mens designer flannel shirts, leather pants, hats and many more for the most amazing makeovers!

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts

Rustic suspenders

Are you looking forward to get a combination of raw edge and classy demeanor for the weekend outing this time? Then go back to the 90’s and take style cues from the men who excelled in styling the suspenders with shirts and denims. These suspenders are great to accessorize with and lend a very flirtatious, yet elegant stance to the men who want to break the style monotony with little effort, confidently.

Casually careless vests

Be it in plaid cotton or the denim ones, the vests are a great way to transform a simple outfit to something extraordinary. You can spice up your simple tee or short for a party with a lot of shine and glitter with a smart vest which would notch up your appeal to some other level, and also lend a casual yet stylish vibe to your persona.

Macho and cute bowties

Do you want a dovetail of macho and cute looks? Then complement your shirt with a bow tie which would be apt for any social get together or formal function. Also, this can be teamed with vests, blazers and tuxedos for wedding parties and office events!

Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts

Flannel funk

The classic wholesale mens flannel shirts are back onto the global fashion scene and they are creating a huge stir today. Be it for the cowboy edge or for tying around the waist shenanigans, the flannel shirts are perfect blend of comfort and style, and definitely voice a very popular style quotient. Wear them both casually and formally and this versatility of them make them high on appeal and appreciation.

Lavish leather pants

Remember how Ross in Friends, the TV series loved his leather pants but had to suffer a malfunction ? Or the rockstars of the 90’s performing on stage in check shirts and leather pants? Yes, the lavish leather pants are back in the global fashion scene and men are getting inclined towards them for the hotness they carry. For parties, they can be the best clothing option if you can fuse them properly with other outfits, and look dapper and downright sexy!

Denim bell bottoms

When it comes to street wear, the bell bottom jeans are again making their presence felt in the wardrobes of the fashion forward men. Wear them with boots to get the perfect funky look, and also with tees and sneakers for the most casual and sporty silhouette!


Thus, be it the mens flannel shirts wholesale items or the accessories like bow tie, keep yourself updated and look classic in retro style easily!


Experiment Various Ways to Slip into Wholesale Flannel Shirts for Men

Once worn by farmers and cowboys, flannel shirts have completely revolutionized a man’s closet today. This vintage fashion statement tops the fashion list, ensuring comfort, warmth and ease. If you want to look unique, why not opt for a classic flannel shirt? Mens designer flannel shirts are quintessential in a retail store. Manufacturers and Distributors are upgrading the stocks of retail stores in the market with variety and novelty. Catch eyes with numerous ways to slip into a flannel. Let’s explore few of them:


Keep your look simple yet stylish for a casual gathering. You can team up a flannel with slim fit or straight denims. Also experiment with the buttons. Keep it buttoned up or leave unbuttoned. Get a contrasting effect with a proper synchronization of colours in terms of the shirt and the bottom. If you are going for dark coloured shirt, then slip into a lighter denim or khaki pant and vice versa. To get a more casual look, roll up your sleeves.

Mens Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Layer it up

For a casual occasion, layer up wholesale mens flannel shirts in style and ease. Wear a simple pain tee over it. Also to get a funky look, slip in a flannel shirt over a graphic tee. Go bold in picking up a tee that will go well with your flannel in terms of print and colour. Get into a sneaker or chino for a relaxed look. This look goes perfectly well with denims and shorts or bermudas.

Wintry look

When it is winter, styling with a flannel shirt can never go wrong. If your outfit is of various colors, go for solid coloured sweaters over or under it. This enhances your sophistication. Also, denims jackets, wool coats or puffer or quilted vests look amazingly elegant and smart with flannels. This look is perfect for an outdoor trip or adventure.

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts

Go formal or semi-formal

Button up a flannel completely for a formal or semi formal look. You can easily invest into a wool coat over it with cotton pants or jumpers and chinos to add an extra twist to your appearance. This classic suited look can be rendered a more formal one with solid-dark coloured suit or blazer.


A plain flannel shirt worn in any way should look classic and elegant. For this, accessorizing it properly is important o give your best look. Experiment a flannel shirt with a headwear ranging from a flat cap, to hat etc. For a typical office look, try a tie around your neck with a cardigan over a buttoned up flannel shirt. Also, go for boots, chinos or boat shoes to be a charmer.


Mens flannel shirts wholesale are definitely catching attention in the fashion scene today. Being a versatile clothing, flannel shirts offer a wide array of looks. From casual, to formal, semi-formal and seasonal, deck up your look with the best one from the retail store.


Johnny Depp and His Sartorially Cool Ensembles in Mens Flannel Shirts

Known for his quirky, weirdly wonderful and surprising looks, Johnny Depp manages to dress himself better than the assistance of a costume designer of the film fraternity. From the swashbuckling adventurous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, to the clean shaved leather jacket handsome guy in Cry Baby, Depp has been known for flaunting the most extreme looks, one completely different from the other.


When it comes to dressing up for himself off screen too, he has never disappointed his fans. This is where comes his style quotients in the plaid flannel shirts, flaunting both metrosexual and lumbersexual grunge looks. With the leading mens flannel shirt manufacturers USA crafting an array of plaid flannel shirts for the fashion forward. You can also get the magnificently done looks done by Depp, be it completely sporty or fiercely classy.


The flannel shirts have resurged in the global fashion scene once again, owing to the craze they reflect, and for being highly appreciated by the celebs, fashion designers and experts. If there is one of the loved clothing pieces which helps to add a spin to every wardrobe, it has to be the mens designer flannel shirts, quintessentially vintage and sophisticated.


Mens Flannel Shirt Manufacturers


So, are you planning to get some inspiration from Johnny Depp to do these utterly poised and funky flannel plaid shirts? Here are some of the bets looks which he donned in his career.

Utterly casual and laid back

Could you imagine a star doing a very casual and simple look for a formal gathering? Downright daring when it comes to fashion, Johnny Depp did such an ensemble for a press conference in Japan, looking smart and sexy in a beige jacket, striped polo tee underneath, the Fedora hat with blue denim, and of course the brown and cream flannel plaid shirt tied around the waist.

Preppy or classy?

Being the style epitome for confidently fusing different types of looks, Johnny Depp was captured by the paparazzi with Indian Bollywood beauty Mallika Sherawat looking dapper preppy and classy in a red, black and white combined plaid flannel shirt, teamed with a dark grey structured blazer with a pocket square and his favourite fedora hat in light brownish grey. A perfect look for any date night!


Mens Flannel Shirts Wholesale USA

The hot and happening hipster

If you are looking for a grunge and hispter look in the plaid flannel shirts, then Johnny Depp is there to come to your rescue with such a demeanor. In a green tee, he layered his cream and black combined plaid flannel oversized shirt, and kept the buttons casually open. The neck scarf in black with a lot of neckpieces stashed up together with faded dark grey jeans added to the much required funk of this look.

Fiercely graceful

Who said the flannel shirts are only for the casual outings and for running errands? Johnny Depp proved this notion wrong with a blue and white flannel shirt worn below a navy blue waist coat with black striped suit pant for the most graceful and classy silhouette. This can be your look for the formal events and social functions!


Thus, with the renowned mens flannel shirts wholesale manufacturing hubs recreating the classic flannel shirts with modish twists and turns, you must grab them from the retail stores and embrace them to flaunt your best features in the most fashionable way.


To All Those People Who Are Over Flannel Shirts (A Sum up of 2017)

Year after year, flannel shirts have been the crown on the fashion scene, touting mass appeal—from women to men, commoner to celebrities, casual-lovers to bold statement makers. Helping the party-goers with a dashing appearance to delivering an uber-cool look at airports, they have been the ultimate go-to for all, and for all occasion.

Womens Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Not that the journey was very smooth since the beginning. If anything, there were quite a few bumps with new varieties of apparels and fashion trend shifts challenging the dominance of women and mens flannel shirt wholesale on the shelves of stores. Sublimated apparels came the closest in the fight, athleisure wears are still fast climbing ladder. But through 2017, flannel tops – the red-black ones in particular – were the favorite poster child of countless fashion magazines. Celebrities continued to flaunt their love for flannels. This successfully helped these chic wears in limelight, giving grand fashion goals to everyone. Instagram witnessed just as much of flannel love which competed well to give those cute cat pictures the run for their money. Many might argue that if Insta-ready fashion fever meant only the coolest workout clothes, well, flannel still hold on to its position with the celebs never letting it go from their closet.

Wholesale Womens Flannel Shirts

On the business side, smart clothing retailers and wholesalers stood true in their loyalty for wholesale flannel shirts. They continued bulking wholesale womens flannel shirts, as well as other men’s varieties, to dish out to customers’ craving for a stylish and casual look. Many of them leveraged the custom options of top manufacturers to come up with their own distinct flannel designs, which did well in comparison with all the traditional and ‘safe varieties’. In the quality department, things got even better, with better technology in use to put premium comfort value in affordable tops (and bottoms).


If market pundits and top fashion bloggers are to be believed, the craze for flannel will continue even in 2018.


So to all those who are over flannel shirts—what have you done and why you have done that!


The Lumbersexual Man: The Stylish Trend that Doesn’t Fade Away!

To begin with, the lumbersexual trend is not new. The trend of wearing a rough and masculine flannel shirt has been around for decades, though they were never this popular before. Almost two years back, these classically inclusive fashion pieces were revived from their exile and were brought back to the elite circles of fashion circuits all around the world.


The Scottish men, farmers to be specific, introduced to the world the comfortable and insulating fabric called flannel which was perfect for all outdoor activities. The western civilisation realised that these simple yet smart shirts were an invention worth including in their wardrobes and hence began the obsession with it. But with time, there was a shift in their popularity and were limited to the sultry cowboys and the lumber jacks. Then again, it was actually the 90s when the grunge look came into limelight again, making people go gaga over it. Rocksters were sporting them on the stage with an undeniable panache. It was everyone’s go to outfit.


After a few failed attempts in the world of fashion, including the oversized flannel shirt craze, in the recent years, wearing of flannel with beard to accessorise has become a universal thing. The fixation with this overtly masculine trend is not going anywhere soon. It might appear hipster, but one has to realise that the effect of it is principally sexy. A red check shirt worn with denims is too hard to ignore, regardless who wears it.

Mens Lumbersexual Flannel Shirts

So highlighting on the sexiness and niftiness that essentially masculine plaid flannel shirts bring to a man’s appearance, here is a list that talks about how to get the lumber look correct, effortless and natural.

No ‘stick only’ to plaid

Though the relation between the fabric flannel and the pattern plaid is old and dependent, there are flannel shirts which come in solid shades as well. The combination of flannel and plaid is no doubt classy and gives that perfect rugged touch, but then many men out there prefer to opt for the fabric minus the checks. So you can go for the subtle navy or the bright red, the shirts look equally sophisticated and smooth. The best quality of a solid flannel shirt- they are versatile beyond recognition and blend well with almost all other outfits. Many mens flannel shirt manufacturers usa have highlighted on this point and designed solid shirts with the outstanding fabric.

The bottom wear is equally important

When wearing flannel, especially when the sun is all high and mighty, make sure to opt for a bottom wear which will only add to the elegant design of the flannel shirt. A pair of slim fit jeans in darker shades is the best option, for it will be adding to your overall aesthetics. If you want to go for something formal, then a pair of chinos, again in darker hues, can be a great pick as well.

Lumbersexual Flannel Men Shirt

Mind the fit

One of the qualities which resulted to be redundant for the flannel was wearing them in oversized fits. So this time around, the fashion enthusiasts were very careful about sticking to the silhouette enhancing ones. Flannel in itself is a flattering fabric, so wearing it in the perfect size and shape will add to your overall approach.

Accessories should be suave

The beard-flannel juxtaposition in the men’s fashion department has been one of the most eye-catching trends. It is rough and it is enough to make ladies drool. Unkempt hair, retro sunglasses and a knitted beanie are the perfect picks for any casual gathering. Whereas, for a formal setting, team your flannel with just aviators for a head turning appearance.


Flannel has a strong character that crafts a story for itself. So wear it properly to make a distinct impression on all the onlookers. Retailers can buy mens flannel shirts wholesale from renowned manufacturers while securing attractive discounts. Registering with them today will give them an access to the vast inventory that is accessible online.


How to Wear Flannel Shirts This Winter Minus the Lumberjack Trend

Understanding Flannel closely

With roots in 16th century Scotland, flannel is widely popular for its insulating qualities. Before proceeding, it is important to point out that there are various types of flannel. While the baby flannel is essentially used to make clothes for the young ones, Canton flannel and Ceylon flannel are common for making garments for the adults. Canton is made of napped cotton whereas Ceylon is a hybrid when wool and cotton are mixed. So it goes without saying that Ceylon is the fabric that goes best for the colder months of the year. Flannel Shirts with Lumberjack Trend

When picking flannel, it is of utmost importance to pick the fabric that does not feel heavy for it may make look bulky and can be obstructing. Choose flannel that feels light and graceful to be comfortable when worn for a longer time.


Flannel minus plaid

It is a common myth that plaid is a type of fabric. But to come absolutely clear, plaid is a pattern that is highly associated with flannel. Many a times, plaid and flannel appear together but flannel is also available in solid colours. They look extremely classy and smart without giving you rough and rugged lumberjack aesthetics, which the shirts are highly symbolic of. From shades of yellow to red, brown to blue, they are available in an array of palette. Flannels without the plaid pattern adorning them can be easily worked with other apparels and will make a noteworthy addition to the wardrobe. With mens flannel shirt manufacturers usa having designed them keeping this trend in mind, will surely make you spoiled for choice.


Style Tips

• For incorporating solid flannel shirts in your casual wear, opt for a darker palette and team them with a pair of well-fitted jeans. The look can be enhanced by wearing a pair of smart loafers. Aviators and a leather jacket can be great picks for accessories. For an alternative, you can also wear the shirt like a jacket with the buttons flying open, over a graphic tee. A pair of baggy pants and white trainers can work well with the ensemble. These two casual appearances can make you stand out when you go for those weekly errands or hang out with your friends. Winter Flannel Shirts with Lumberjack Trend

• Solid flannel shirts can be a tasteful choice for formal settings. Tuck the flannel piece of clothing inside a pair of tailored chinos. Wear a flamboyant looking belt to give more prominence to the shirt. You can opt for a tie depending on the situation and your mood. Complement the attire by a pair of smart loafers. Flannels work best when worn in layers. So a sleek suede coat or an elegant blazer can make you look at the top of your game. A trendy pair of shades and a messenger bag will have all your colleagues admiring you.


So turn the heat up this winter with the perfect flannel shirt looking your best. Retailers can get mens flannel shirts wholesale with striking discounts. Register with the dealers online for the best deals and to get the latest products that they have to offer.


Getting the Retro Look Becomes Easy with the Flannel Shirts, Bell Bottoms and Much More

We often miss out on the style quotients which once ruled the global fashion scene, and men always can revive them if they want to. Today, the retro style is hip and happening once again, and hence, the fashion forward men can replicate the retro looks with the help of the some of the clothing pieces which are once again introduced by the leading mens flannel shirts wholesale or bell bottom pants designer brands, sprucing up the stocks of the retail stores. Worthy to wrap around the men in exotic fashion statements, these outfits come in different designs and styles, with modish twists, adding a dash of panache, and making them the ultimate trendsetter.

Mens Flannel Shirts

Be it the plaid shirts, or the fedora hats, the dungarees, and the vibrant printed shirts, you need to wear them perfectly, so that you can add the retro vibes to your silhouettes and reflect something very novel and unique. The ebb and flow to fashion is seen is men’s fashion trend, and these timeless pieces will never go out of style. In retrospect, these clothing items manifest a certain era, and help you completely get dipped in the nostalgic feeling, speaking of something very classic and utterly vintage.


Here are some if the clothing items to splurge into for the perfect retro look.

The bright tropical inspired shirts

The frivolity seen in the wardrobes always made them own the tropical printed bright shirts, which comes in different cuts and designs. Today also, the men can wear the big or small floral printed shirts, or he tribal motifs or even the abstract ones in vibrant, which come with fresh looks, and epitomizes the retro styling.

The varsity letterman jackets

The varsity letterman jackets which symbolized the school or college playground ambience, always were the main outfits of the men for street style fashion stance. Thus, today when the winter is mild, men can wear the vintage varsity jackets, worn with denims or chinos for a very easy breezy and funky silhouette option.

Mens Flannel Shirt Manufacturer

Tie and dye tees

The tie and dye tees were something which always reflected the casual styling. Today too, you can wear the tie and dye tees, which come in brighter colors, and look very eye-catching for the casual outings and movie dates. Wear them with denims jackets to look very dapper and preppy.

The bell bottom or extra flared pants

The 1970’s was the time when the bell bottoms or the extra flared pants were much in craze. Hence, when ever we talk about the old days, the bell bottoms always come to our mind, Not just for women, even for the men, these have made a strong comeback, and the reputed designer brands, have brought them back with a dash of exquisiteness.

The fedora hats

If you are looking for the right retro accessory with the total attire, the fedora hats are the perfect items. These hats come in different colors today, and for the parties, beach outings, you can wear them!

The funky flannel shirts

The grunge fashion inspired plaid flannel shirts are something which have always stayed in the global fashion scene, and they are still a hit. The leading mens flannel shirt manufacturers USA are giving way to the widest assortment of the flannel shirts which can be worn to wrap around the lumberjack style stance, which is a twist to the old retro styling. Wear them with bell bottoms, denims or the cargo pants for bet ensemble options.