What Makes Sublimation Clothing So Popular in Sports Wear?

Sublimated clothing is the newest thing to happen to the textile industry. Now, you can see a surge in the production of sublimation clothing but before evaluating as to what has led to this, let’s first understand this new technique.

What is sublimation?

Generally, your fabric is printed with the ink dye that forms a layer or film over the fabric in the desired pattern. This is popularly known as screen printing. But in sublimation the dye gets converted first into gaseous form. This vapor dye then penetrates the fabric and again solidifies leaving its color behind. This is certainly a more sophisticated approach to printing and has several advantages over the conventional screen printing which makes it the preferred choice when it comes to sportswear.


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Dri-fit fabric

The prime importance of sublimation is that it can be performed on the special technology fabric known as dri-fit fabric. This fabric is made of premium grade polyester that has moisture wicking properties. Hence, if you are sweating it out on field, then this top notch quality material will ensure that sweat is absorbed from your body and released into air as vapor form, keeping you dry, calm and composed at all times. When screen printing is done on this fabric, it blocks the very pores of the material, robbing off all the needed characteristics of the fabric. On the other hand, in sublimation the dye gets adsorbed by the pores. Hence, they are not blocked and the desired features of the fabric remains intact.

Color fast and durable

Unlike screen printing, the print obtained by sublimation does not crack, fade or peel after few washes. These are long lasting with the print looking the same after repeated washes. This makes it very popular among sportsmen whose clothes are constantly going for a wash.

Easy to wash and maintain

This fabric is of relatively low maintenance grade. It has anti stain and anti wrinkle properties which makes them easy to wash and easy to iron. These dry also pretty fast. In a nutshell, sublimation clothing has been a boon for the housekeeping department.


If you want to make a pick of sublimation clothing for your sports team or for any other purpose, then you can contact a notable sublimation clothing manufacturer online. You can get deals at great prices if your order is in bulk.