4 Dapper Ways To Wear Flannel Shirts For Guys This 2023

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Cant imagine your life without flannel shirts? Well, flannel shirts are a timeless men’s outerwear that now stand as an epitome of cool and comfortable style. We’ve compiled few suave flannel shirt outfit trends to add an edgy touch to your usual streetwear. Being a private label business owner, on the lookout for mens flannel shirts, you must link with one of the top-rated wholesale clothing distributors with an expansive flannel clothing catalog.

  • With your jeans

Most guys prefer to wear flannel shirts with denim as this outfit looks casual yet fashionable. You can choose a flannel shirt of any color, including red, green, white, blue, gray, brown or other to pair with your black or blue jeans. Team this dashing outfit with sneakers or boots and wear a t-shirt or hoodie under it if the weather demands. A plaid flannel shirt with eye-catching color combination is a versatile choice to wear with jeans to look cool and trendy anytime.

  • Over your t-shirt

If you’re looking for a dynamic way to carry your flannel shirt, then you can wear your flannel shirt over a t-shirt. Choose a t-shirt in white or black that matches with your flannel shirt’s color and put on footwear of suiting color. You can throw on a red flannel shirt over your white tee and pair this with blue jeans or khaki chino trousers or you can go for a blue flannel shirt with light blue jeans and a black t-shirt to create a rugged and happening style statement!

  • With a hoodie under your flannel

You can wear a hoodie or sweatshirt under your flannel shirt as long as the shades complement each other. Pick an oversized red-and-white flannel shirt or one with blue and black plaid patterns to layer with your gray fitted hoodie or white sweatshirt. Combine this ensemble with jeans or chino bottom wear and sneakers or you can go with appropriate joggers and tennis shoes to echo chill vibes! If the colors don’t clash and you feel comfortable wearing it, your outfit is sure to look edgy.

  • Under your jacket

Wear a cozy jacket over your flannel shirt, making sure that the jacket matches with the aesthetic appeal of your outfit. You can select any cool jacket that goes well with the relaxed style of your flannel shirt or as most guys like it, you can choose a stylish leather jacket to elevate your smart-casual look. For instance, you can layer a black leather jacket with your black-and-white flannel shirt and black pants to feel snug and appear fashionable.

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