5 Mistakes You are Doing if You are not Wearing Proper Fitness Apparels

A gym is one of those places where you can witness several fashion disasters. It’s quite funny to see how men and women try to combine their different apparels with several clothing accessories. However, on trying to make a fashion statement many of them make incredible mistakes. So here’s how some wrong gym clothes can sabotage your exercise plans completely.

Hitting gym in pure cotton t-shirts

A genuine cotton t-shirt may appear to be an ideal active wear for its lightweight. But let’s get real. Though cotton is capable of wicking away sweat and moisture, it is unable to release the water through evaporation, causing the wet cloth cling close to your body and making you feel irritated. So you can opt for technologically advanced fibres like Dri-fit, CoolMax and Capilene that can not only soak up the moisture and later evaporate it but also offer flexibility of movements to the body with their stretchable quality.


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Wearing revealing tank tops

A short tank top may not be a modest choice when you are bending down to do push ups or sit ups. It is very important to check if your t-shirt reveals too much of cleavage as this can be quite distracting for others while too uncomfortable for you. So choose a top that comes with higher neckline to prevent the risk an indecent exposure.


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Slipping into baggy sweatpants

Slouchy sweatpants are a strict no-no if you are making your way to the gym. The hems of loose pants can catch on to various exercise machines like stationary bikes and restrict you from performing an activity with dedication. They can also lead a woman to trip over while running on a treadmill and result in serious injury. Instead, you can go for body-fitting capris, shorts or long pants in different colors from your fitness apparel manufacturers online.

Considering thong underwear

Though some women consider thongs to be the best options under slim-fitted pants or shorts, they are certainly not the best choice for a working out at the fitness centre. When you sweat during an exercise, the rectal bacteria travel along the thong, causing infections to grow. Thongs can also aggravate an existing irritation. So it is best to slip on seamless, moisture-wicking underwear which makes panty lines invisible through your pants and allow you to move your legs freely.

Tying T-shirts around the waist

Tying a long sleeves t-shirt around the waist has the similar effect that a pair of baggy pants have. Here the sleeves can get caught on to the machines, leading to dangerous consequences such as leg twists and some serious injuries. So even if you are wearing your long sleeves t-shirt to the gym, take it off before exercising and leave it in the locker.


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