Dress Up Like Your Favorite Male Celebs with Sartorial Flannel Wear

There’s something about men’s flannel shirts that lends them a timeless appeal that makes them so chic and elegant. These are durable, cozy, attractive, easy to care for and highly versatile, a flannel shirt that fits just right is a closet staple year-round. Do you want to take inspiration from male celebrities wearing flannel shirts? Given below are some of the best ways you can style your staple flannel wear this year!

Plain or Plaid

Although plaid is what most people associate with flannel, the shirts’ signature soft fabric also comes in solid colors. This can make it look even like a men’s dress shirt if worn properly with form-fitting black dress pants or khakis.

Layer it

Your favorite tees might be paper-thin after years of wear and tear, it may also have a few little holes in it, but it’s a part of you. If you throw a flannel over it, nobody has to know how “lived in” is your Metallica tee.

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Tuck in or not

Some looks never go out of style, and there’s nothing wrong tucking in your shirt. If you’re going to tuck in your button-down flannel, you can either keep the whole thing buttoned up to the neck or unbutton the top two buttons and then simply tuck it into a pair of men’s jeans during any season or corduroy pants during fall and winter.

The right pants

Wearing a flannel button-down with men’s corduroy pants is perfectly acceptable during wintertime, but absolutely not during the summer months. Sometimes it is more about the timing than it is about the entire look. Choose the right pants for the season so that you can feel confident and comfortable.

Wear it under a sweater

There’s something nice about a simple, plain sweater, but it could use a little help too. Flannels look great under a V-neck or a men’s cardigan sweater as it looks a little less stuffy and formal. It can look especially put together when worn under a blazer and tucked into jeans with a belt.

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