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SPOILER- Flannel Shirts are Going to Rule the Fashion Scene Even in 2017

Sure, in 2016, joggers, off the shoulder tops, and turtlenecks were the top hit among the urban outfitters. It was, however, the flannel shirts and pants that made the most noise, with the world rallying behind them in any and every occasion. And the renowned flannel clothing manufacturer and small retailers did well to keep the flow of this trend interesting and exciting throughout with new range of wholesale and their additional discounts. Wholesale Flannel Shirts

Will this trend continue even in 2017? It will, says market pundits and fashion bloggers.


A perfect daily staple that people can’t get over

The charm of red-black plaids is ever-so-green and still prevalent even after years. With a mass appeal, this variety of shirts is popular among women, men, young and elder consumers. They are simple, classy and ooze of high etiquacy that vouches to blend in any and every social setup rather easily. To that, they can compliment an array of bottoms, giving the wearers options in heaps to mix-match and pull a preferred appearance perfectly.


Refined varieties of wholesale flannel shirts to appeal the young consumers

In recent times, top manufacturers have introduced a wide range of wholesale flannel shirts in refined varieties to target the young consumers and fashion forward crowd, in particular. The new vibrant range is bold and eye-catchy that is perfect to adorn a confident and out-of-the-crowd appearance.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Also, some of these top manufacturing companies are bringing an appealing collection of flannel pants wholesale, as well as outwears, to woo the fashionistas and casual-obsessed.


High quality flannel clothing—perfect for every season

Aside the designer appeal, the latest range of flannel clothing has seen a significant improvement in the quality department. Constructed using high-flying technical fabric, they guarantee maximum comfort. Well adept in regulating temperature, the fabric also highlights active wicking and ventilation properties. These shirts are ideal for every season, whether long summer days or chilly winter nights.


Are you a clothing retailer?


Much like in 2016, flannel outfits are going to rule the fashion scene (and wardrobes) this New Year. If you’re a retailer, you better suit your warehouse up with wholesale flannel shirts, pants and outwears. Dial a good flannel clothing manufacturer today.


The Exciting Style Ideas to Own the Wide Legged Flannel Pants

Just when you thought you have upgraded your wardrobe with this season’s trendiest outfits, the wide legged pants proved you wrong. The narrow fitted trousers are still ruling, but definitely and vintage bell-bottoms have made a swift entry once again into the global fashion scene. When it comes to the fabric or style they possess, the leading flannel pants manufacturers are crafting them in check patterns and comfortable flannel fabric. Thus the classic flannel fabric, check patterns and the wide legged style are fused together to create something very updates, magical and incredibly fashionable.


Be it to the party, while running errands on the weekends, casual outings, airport styling, or to the formal occasions, these wide legged flannel pants come to your rescue every time for being so versatile and uber-stylish. You just need to add twists, and experiment with their looks so that every time you slip into them, a fresh new style quotient can be reflected.


Here are some of the sizzling style idea to try out.


The beach party look

Do you want to look very carefree and casual, just like you are heading to a beach party? You can tuck in a silk neutral shaded lightweight button down shirt into the flannel pant. This silk blouse when combined with the flannel wide legged trouser will give way to something very unique and fashionable for any occasion.


The fiercely contemporary stance

Look like the independent and strong girl as you pair up the flannel trouser with a contrasting colored shirt, and layer this up with check blazer, or a statement colored blazer for the smartest and classiest ensemble possible. The clutch bag with platform heels will definitely complete your look.

Flannel Pajama Pants Wholesale

Modish tomboyish flair

Get going with a very sporty, edgy and most importantly a tomboyish flair as you pair up a graphic tee, or a jersey tee with a wide legged flannel pant. This combo adds a very modern verve to your persona, and make you no less than a very carelessly casual woman, who knows how to look the best in any attire confidently!


Print and checks combine

Just because you are wearing plaids doesn’t mean you have to stick to the single colored tops only, and you can add a printed top too to the plaid patterned pant. Make sure that the patterns combine well, and do not cause a complicated look. Keep a contrast in the shapes and colors of the patterns, and effect a very voguish effect altogether.


Opt for a cropped style for night out

If you are getting ready for a party at night on the weekends, you need to think different. What about a crop top with the high waist wide legged flannel pant? Sneak intpo your retail store to get the high waist wide legged pant crafted by a reputed flannel clothing manufacturer, and team this with a crop top, and may be layered with a kimono. This will notch up your simple look to something very cool and stylish.


The long line jacket to elongate the silhouette

Make your torso and legs get the elongated and slim silhouette, as you wear the wide legged flannel pant with a long line jacket and a tank top for travelling, and especially I the winter for the cozy feel.


Thus, be it the wide legged flannel pant or the flannel pajama pants wholesale pieces, flannel has opened new range of options for bottom wear.


Six Ultimate Things which Complete a Women’s Closet

Are you the ultimate fashionista of your group? Then you must know must know about the wardrobe staples which will complete your style quotient. Be it the little black dress, or the blazer for your formal fashion sense, there are certain key outfits which make your perfect as the diva, and also add a lot of confidence to your persona. For this, if you feel clueless, you can definitely go through the blogs of the fashion experts, and follow the looks of the celebs to get the right idea on what all you need to add to your wardrobe.


Step into your nearest retail store to go for the flannels crafted by the leading flannel clothing manufacturer, or the formal blazers, or may be the lace white top. Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Here is a compilation of the outfits which you need to own.


The formal crisp blazer
The classic and feminine tailored blazer completes your office style scenes, and looks great on any body type. Wear it with dresses, pants or skirts, and get them in neutral hues of black, grey or white to keep their versatility intact. You must pick up the one which would accentuate your body type, without looking too out of the place and odd.


The leopard printed scarf
An accessory which complements the party scenes to social functions, the leopard printed scarves adds the brightness to an otherwise plain and simple outfit with a dash of panache. You can stick to usual browns or blacks and white, or also go for the vibrant hues.


The striped shirt
Be it underneath the blazer, or while you mix it with other prints and patterns, the striped shirt adds to your classic fashion sense and maintains the traditional sense of style in your closet. Get it in simple colors or mat be in reds and blues too. Wither go for the formal shirt cut, or also something different in tee or tank top style. Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

The little black party dress
Finding the right little black dress is very essential for every stylish women. This one should be banked on after getting the right fit, and one must also look for a different sleeve pattern, with the freedom to add a belt at the waist. Splurge on something very interesting to look, with a different look and uniqueness in its own. For the parties, this can be your trendsetting outfit.


Vintage flannels
The top-notch flannel shirts wholesale distributors have introduced the classic flannel shirts one again back into today’s fashion scenario, and women are all smitten by their style stance. These flannel shirts are a must have for the traditional warm flannel fabric, and definitely the vintage and versatile plaid patterns which come in each and every color combination. If you are already in love with flannel fashion, you can also go for the flannel pants crafted by the reputed flannel pants manufacturers. For flannels, you can take cue from the looks of Jennifer Anniston as Rachel in the sitcom Friends!


The classic trench
For the winter outings, be it while traveling or for the parties and formal events, the classic trench coats rescue you to give the modest looks. The A-line silhouette, cinching on your waist is the best investment you can make, being perfect to go with jeans, dresses, skirts and palazzos seamlessly.


Top Flannel Clothing Styles to Check Out in Fall 2018

There is nothing even remotely ‘lumberjack-ish’ about contemporary flannel clothing. Flannel came back with a lot of thunder back in 2017, and well into 2018, this is still a raging trend in the world of fashion. Style devotees have been excessively dressing flannels up and down and nobody seems to get tired of it. Maybe it is because plaid clothing comfortably complements one’s unique, personal style. – one can choose to be artsy, fashionista, hipster, edgy or preppy.

Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

With such a huge demand for flannel shirts and flannel as a material, high-end designing and manufacturing houses have started experimenting and is ready to showcase its breakthrough wholesale flannel clothing for the world to embrace. Take a look at some of the styles available in the market today that you can stock up on to woo your customers.


• Shirts: Flannel shirts are the fall fashion staple among fashion-conscious men and women. These shirts are designed today in neutral to bright, hot colors and even tie-and-dye for the style devotees. The checks and patterns vary in style. Oversized plaid shirts are a favorite among women who sometime even like to wear it as a dress – a look that Rihanna was recently spotted in!


• Dresses: For long, women have envied the men because plaid shirts were primarily just meant for them. It displayed a masculine charm that kept a lot of women away from trying out this trend. But now, they’re on the bandwagon and designers are doing everything they can to please them. The latest to join the list of voguish flannel clothing is flannel dresses that can be worn with a simple, neutral colored belt to bring about an edgy look and flaunt the curves.

Wholesale Flannel Clothing

• Pajamas: Given that flannels are an extremely comfortable material that keeps the wearer warm during winter and cool during summer, it comes as no surprise that plaid pajamas are a huge hit. It can be worn for running errands or just for lounging in the house. Pajamas can be worn by both men and women. It features drawstrings that add an extra zing to the attire.


• Overalls: The world is so much in love with the plaid print that they simply cannot have enough! As if shirts, dresses and pajamas weren’t enough, women also love plaid overalls! It can be worn with on-trend graphic tee for a sassy look.


• Onesies for Kids: How long can kids be kept away from a style trend that is making adults go crazy? Cute onesies for kids in flannel is a hot favorite among parents who want their wee ones to look stylish while being cozy and comforted.


Embrace the style mania that has gripped and taken the fashion industry by a storm. Get in touch with a reputed flannel clothing manufacturer and stock up on the latest styles to woo everyone from kids to adults.


Want to Wear Flannel Shirt and Not Look Sloppy? Here are Few Ways!

Flannel shirts are most probably the most hip and happening fashion staples of all time, and be it the grunge fashion turnover or the popular lumbersexuality of the men today, the wholesale flannel clothing is definitely making quite a stir in the global fashion scene. But still, there are moments when we find wearing these quintessential flannel shirts very monotonous and boring, and hence end up sticking to the old and drab ways to slip into them. Breaking out of the stale old fashion statements, it is time to start with the new and exciting ways to roll up sleeves, or may be change the color palette and the accessories you are giving upon. Instead of looking or feeling sloppy, it is probably time to go for the out of the box ideas and cinch on the funkiest and trendy silhouettes in the popular flannel shirts. Flannel Clothing Manufacturer


Wondering which style ideas to adopt? Here are few to count upon!


Add balance to your statement tee
You don’t necessarily have to team up the flannel shirt only with the single colored and plain tees, rather this time it is important to bring some change in your look by layering a statement tee flaunting a quote or a message with a flannel shirt of contrasting hue.


Tuck it up for refined finesse
A flannel shirts always doesn’t mean you have to stick to the careless and casual ways of wearingit, un-tucked and slouchy over the jeans and chinos. You can definitely opt for a refined finesse and silhouette by tucking the flannel shirts into the short little skater skirts or may be the flowing maxi skirts or palazzos for a smart yet graceful ensemble options.


Work appropriate with sophistication
Get some formal vibe added to your dressing for the office ambience when it is cold outside and you definitely do not want to stick to the old ways of dressing up in a pant suit combo. Here, what you can do is team up a flannel shirt with a cape coat and pair this dress up with long rising boots for a cutting-edge get up. Wholesale Flannel Clothing

Break apart the monochromes
Be it the white tank with white trouser, or may be the black jumpsuit or a blue maxi dress which you are wearing, you can totally add funk to the monochromatic look and break the boredom of the single color with a contrasting shaded plaid flannel shirt and get a very unique and novel appeal all together.


The right accessories matter
A flannel shirt is something which is quite simple and casual to look, and hence to add some class to it, one must stick to the right dose of accessories. While you are in a mood to wear a flannel shirt simple with jeans, make sure to add a fedora hat or may be a collar necklace to it, to bring out pep and also add some jazz to the otherwise plain looking ensemble.


Extra warmth and style
For the winter season, we all need to feel cozy and extra warm, and for this the flannel shirts act as the best options. Layer a vest over a flannel shirt, and team this with leather leggings to get a funky yet innovative demeanor.


Also, while you step into the retail store, you get to see a lot of options of flannel shirts made available by the leading flannel clothing manufacturer, and hence you get to play with a variation of styles, designs, cuts and colors!


Flannel Shirts and Pants – A Trend that Has Got the World Hooked!

Everyone in the fashion world flannels are seen popping up and making a fantastic statement. This fashion piece has grown to become a wardrobe staple among both men and women around the world. This is one of the most famous of 1990s trends that have continued to evolve and adapt according to the changing times. Flannels has pushed the metrosexual guys to adopt the lumbersexual trend with unkempt beard and has made women believe that strong is quite sexy too! Wholesale Flannel Shirts

A Year-round Wardrobe Staple
Wholesale flannel shirts and pants were previously only worn during the fall and winter seasons but thanks to the latest advancements, light, mid and heavy weight flannels are available in the market that makes this clothing piece a hot favorite throughout the year. In addition, flannel shirts are warm during winters and cool during summers that make it a very comfortable outfit option no matter the weather or season.


Men can wear plaid shirts with denims, trousers and shorts. It can be taken to work when paired up with a well-tailored suit or blazer. As for women, skinny jeans and shorts or skorts are a sexy combination with a little bit of accessorizing such as maybe a long necklace, bracelet or a scarf. Flannel shirts are manly but by mixing strong with sexy, it can be made to look feminine and super cool. To make this trend popular among women, flannel clothing manufacturer has started designing plaid dresses with certain intricate detail to make it appealing to the fashionistas. Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

Flannel Pants – A New Addition
Flannels offer such great comfort, versatility and warmth that its huge demand and popularity has made designers and manufacturers design and create wholesale flannel pants. These pants are cozy with snug fitting and are perfect for wearing during those chilly winter nights when one wants to look stylish yet totally comfortable. The pants wick off moisture while giving out the right amount of warmth. It is available in small to big checked patterns in varied hues and tones and is perfect for lounging at home or running errands.


If you are a clothing retail store owner and you still have not adopted the flannel trend as part of your product offering, you are missing out on big business because this trend is not going anywhere, at least for another few years. Get in touch with plaid pants and flannel shirts wholesale distributors and get bulk products at fabulous wholesale prices.


4 Popular Types of Flannel Clothes for Women

Flannel is liked by women due to its soft feel, excellent warmth and breathability. This is a light and soft woven fabric which is generally constructed from wool and is also blended with synthetic or cotton fibers in some cases. This fabric is used for constructing outfits and even bed sheets. Since the 1600s, it has been in use and its usage has been more widespread in the last 3 decades. If you have opened up an apparel store, it is a good idea to order the following 4 types of flannel clothes from your supplier to offer to your female customers.Flannel Clothing ManufacturerFlannel shirts
This type of flannel clothing can be worn while carrying out rough jobs like cutting and collecting firewood. Such types of shirts come with the perfect blend of roughness and tightness, minus the discomfort. These are able to hide dirt and provide the body with protection from the cold. These shirts allow great comfort while camping and hiking, and are also comfortable to sleep in. When worn with a skirt and high heels, these also make great casual wear for any season. These are the strongest and one of the simplest types of clothes that can be worn in almost any situation.


Flannel pajamas
Pajamas made of flannel happen to be light in weight, and come with a waistband consisting of a drawstring and can loosely or comfortably fit on the waist region. These days, such pajamas come in a 2-piece form comprising of a shirt and pants, with the shorts coming in short or long forms. Flannel pajamas may come with pockets at the sides and zipper on the front. Wholesale Flannel ClothingFlannel nightgowns
These are light in weight and loose-fitting, which makes them comfortable as nightwear. Flannel is comfortable and soft in type, and lets the skin breathe easily without breaking into a sweat. Unlike fleece and other warm fabrics, flannel does not get caught on bedding. Young girls and women feel very comfortable in nightgowns made of flannel, and you can be assured of profiting with this type of wholesale flannel clothing.


Flannel bottoms
These are liked by women who spend a lot of time outdoors and want to keep warm in chilly weather conditions. Many of the flannel clothing manufacturer companies are creating flannel bottoms in varied designs, colors and styles to cater to the varied requirements of consumers who demand a perfect blend of style and substance.


Sizzling Flannel Shirts Every Women Can Add to Their Closets: Style Brigade

Buffalo checks or tartan? Plain or embellished? If the female celebs can perfectly and flawlessly embrace the classic trend of wholesale flannel shirts, why should you leave behind? If you love to deck up in casual ensembles, then it is time to ditch the normal and boring tees and skirts and get some affection towards the vintage flannel fabric and check pattern. Few fashion statements never go out of the global fashion scene and to get them going, every stylish woman must brew up new ideas to wear them and explore the latest twists and mod turns which they have been witnessing.


Fashion has opened up gates for endless possibilities and opportunities, and owing to this, none can deny that fact that flannel too has outgrown enduring the onslaughts of time and proved its worth on the lives of the fashion conscious crowd. This is the reason why its craze is still constant and the leading flannel shirts wholesale companies are elevating the retail stores with their new collections everyday. Flannel Shirts WholesaleWe will get you covered with the most alluring flannel shirts which you must consider on possessing:


1. When flannel and lace gets a fusion
Get something in the blend of two fabrics: flannel and lace to rev up your look for a party or night around the town scenes. With a flannel plaid shirt with plaid patterns on the front and something in translucent lace at the back will make you sizzle anywhere. Wear this with a leather glossy or shimmering silky maxi skirts to get all eyes hooked on you!


2. Do tomboyish with a boyfriend flannel shirt
Team up a boyfriend oversized flannel shirt in any color with distressed slim fit denims for a poised casual silhouette. The careless demeanor of the shirt can also be used as a layering over any tank tee or just a camisole. Also, in the beach or by the pool, you can wear it as a cover up over your bikini for a sensuous appeal!


3. A cozy and warm wool flannel shirt
For the winter chills, ditch the sweaters and get something comfy and warm in a dark colored wool plaid flannel shirt teamed with a glossy leather legging for any trip or adventurous tour. This will be a perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

 Wholesale Flannel Shirts

4. A soothing colored flannel shirt
It is time to come out of the monotonous dark shades like reds, and blacks for flannel plaid shirts and do something in soothing tones of white and pink or blue. Team up such a shirt with a pencil skirt in single color with heels for your office ensemble with confidence and uniqueness.


5. An embroidered sleeveless flannel shirt
For the day outs with friends over coffee or movie, get yourself decked up in a sleeveless embroidered flannel shirt, intricately done. This can be teamed with denims or skirts for a feminine stance.


6. A fringed plaid flannel shirt
Add some quirk and fun to your beach or pool parties with a fringed flannel plaid shirt crafted by a reputed flannel clothing manufacturer and pair this up with a torn and tattered denim shorts to reflect a flirtatious and cool get-up!


7. An embellished flannel shirt
For the Saturday night glamorous party scenes, get going with a black and red embellished flannel shirt teamed with a mini skirt, with a knot at the bottom for a gorgeous appeal!