Four Awe-Inspiring Flannel Shirt Outfit Ideas Taken From Classic Flicks

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There are many reasons to love flannels brought by today’s hardworking and reliable flannel clothing manufacturers, especially the sturdy, soft, and ‘as comfortable as the PJs’, flannel shirts. They are durable, can be styled up or down, and can be used in almost any setting one wants. Most importantly, flannel shirts never fail to make a person look fashionable and uber-cool.

Centuries ago, flannel shirts earned their name and place. Roughly, it was first in the 17th C that flannel shirts came into existence when it was introduced as a better alternative to the scratchier and thicker wool. They were simpler to make, smoother, and offered exceptional coverage against the cold. It’s no doubt that the popularity has only grown over the decades.

The cozy flannel shirts have strong ties to the 90s era in particular from where most of the chic flannel shirt outfit looks are recreated today. Right from those times to the modern day, some popular movie scenes give evidence of how the trend has always managed to successfully rule the hearts of fashion lovers.

While Hallie and Annie looked cool in them during the family hiking trip in ‘The Parent Trap’, Tai wears her flannel shirt as an accessory (instead of using a belt) tied around her waist in ‘Clueless’. There are obviously more pretty much lesser-known flannel shirt movie moments that you might have missed!

Don’t worry! Given below is a list, and some extra tips following which you will be able to upgrade your flannel shirt style in no time!

Tai In Clueless

One of the most unforgettable moments from the classic, “Clueless”, has to be when Tai appeared in a sports bra, matching shorts with a flannel shirt tied around her waist. While she kept the look daring, by pairing a different print with flannels, if you want then you can wear something in solid colors too!

Hallie and Annie In The Parent Trap

Take inspiration from the identical twin sisters, Hallie and Annie from the popular family drama, “The Parent Trap” when they appeared in checked flannel shirts and loose denim jeans in one of the final scenes. Add stylish accessories such as a bandana tied around your neck just like them and keep your makeup light and simple, letting your hair loose.

Alexandra In The Descendants

Want the ultimate modernized flannel shirt look based on one of the most iconic movies? Follow the lead of Alexandra from “The Descendants”, and throw on a fitted flannel shirt over a cool pair of distressed jeans (the more holes and tears the better). As for the accessories, go with multiple funky bracelets and a smooth leather bag.

Cindy In Blue Valentine

In the American romantic drama movie “Blue Valentine”, Michelle Williams plays the role of Cindy, an aspiring doctor who sported a red and black checkered shirt with a knee-length dark blue denim skirt and lug sole boots in one of the scenes. To make it look effortlessly awesome, a suggestion would be to keep the shirt untucked just like how Cindy did and add a leather watch to the mix.

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