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Six Ultimate Things which Complete a Women’s Closet

Are you the ultimate fashionista of your group? Then you must know must know about the wardrobe staples which will complete your style quotient. Be it the little black dress, or the blazer for your formal fashion sense, there are certain key outfits which make your perfect as the diva, and also add a lot of confidence to your persona. For this, if you feel clueless, you can definitely go through the blogs of the fashion experts, and follow the looks of the celebs to get the right idea on what all you need to add to your wardrobe.


Step into your nearest retail store to go for the flannels crafted by the leading flannel clothing manufacturer, or the formal blazers, or may be the lace white top. Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Here is a compilation of the outfits which you need to own.


The formal crisp blazer
The classic and feminine tailored blazer completes your office style scenes, and looks great on any body type. Wear it with dresses, pants or skirts, and get them in neutral hues of black, grey or white to keep their versatility intact. You must pick up the one which would accentuate your body type, without looking too out of the place and odd.


The leopard printed scarf
An accessory which complements the party scenes to social functions, the leopard printed scarves adds the brightness to an otherwise plain and simple outfit with a dash of panache. You can stick to usual browns or blacks and white, or also go for the vibrant hues.


The striped shirt
Be it underneath the blazer, or while you mix it with other prints and patterns, the striped shirt adds to your classic fashion sense and maintains the traditional sense of style in your closet. Get it in simple colors or mat be in reds and blues too. Wither go for the formal shirt cut, or also something different in tee or tank top style. Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

The little black party dress
Finding the right little black dress is very essential for every stylish women. This one should be banked on after getting the right fit, and one must also look for a different sleeve pattern, with the freedom to add a belt at the waist. Splurge on something very interesting to look, with a different look and uniqueness in its own. For the parties, this can be your trendsetting outfit.


Vintage flannels
The top-notch flannel shirts wholesale distributors have introduced the classic flannel shirts one again back into today’s fashion scenario, and women are all smitten by their style stance. These flannel shirts are a must have for the traditional warm flannel fabric, and definitely the vintage and versatile plaid patterns which come in each and every color combination. If you are already in love with flannel fashion, you can also go for the flannel pants crafted by the reputed flannel pants manufacturers. For flannels, you can take cue from the looks of Jennifer Anniston as Rachel in the sitcom Friends!


The classic trench
For the winter outings, be it while traveling or for the parties and formal events, the classic trench coats rescue you to give the modest looks. The A-line silhouette, cinching on your waist is the best investment you can make, being perfect to go with jeans, dresses, skirts and palazzos seamlessly.


Flannel Shirts and Pants – A Trend that Has Got the World Hooked!

Everyone in the fashion world flannels are seen popping up and making a fantastic statement. This fashion piece has grown to become a wardrobe staple among both men and women around the world. This is one of the most famous of 1990s trends that have continued to evolve and adapt according to the changing times. Flannels has pushed the metrosexual guys to adopt the lumbersexual trend with unkempt beard and has made women believe that strong is quite sexy too! Wholesale Flannel Shirts

A Year-round Wardrobe Staple
Wholesale flannel shirts and pants were previously only worn during the fall and winter seasons but thanks to the latest advancements, light, mid and heavy weight flannels are available in the market that makes this clothing piece a hot favorite throughout the year. In addition, flannel shirts are warm during winters and cool during summers that make it a very comfortable outfit option no matter the weather or season.


Men can wear plaid shirts with denims, trousers and shorts. It can be taken to work when paired up with a well-tailored suit or blazer. As for women, skinny jeans and shorts or skorts are a sexy combination with a little bit of accessorizing such as maybe a long necklace, bracelet or a scarf. Flannel shirts are manly but by mixing strong with sexy, it can be made to look feminine and super cool. To make this trend popular among women, flannel clothing manufacturer has started designing plaid dresses with certain intricate detail to make it appealing to the fashionistas. Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

Flannel Pants – A New Addition
Flannels offer such great comfort, versatility and warmth that its huge demand and popularity has made designers and manufacturers design and create wholesale flannel pants. These pants are cozy with snug fitting and are perfect for wearing during those chilly winter nights when one wants to look stylish yet totally comfortable. The pants wick off moisture while giving out the right amount of warmth. It is available in small to big checked patterns in varied hues and tones and is perfect for lounging at home or running errands.


If you are a clothing retail store owner and you still have not adopted the flannel trend as part of your product offering, you are missing out on big business because this trend is not going anywhere, at least for another few years. Get in touch with plaid pants and flannel shirts wholesale distributors and get bulk products at fabulous wholesale prices.