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5 Fitness Wear Combos that Will Make You the Queen of the Gym

Before you start reading, get absolutely honest with yourself and answer the question- why do you go to the gym? Is it for the sheer motivation of becoming fit? Or is it a great social hangout place where you get to meet new people? Whatever be the reason, you love going to the gym. But once again, what do you wear to the gym? Discarded t-shirt and shorts? High functional sports bra and leggings? Whatever you wear, you love going to the gym.

Fitness Clothing

Our love for going to the gym is so overpowering that sometimes we tend to forget that there are certain gym etiquettes which we are required to follow. When it comes to fitness wears in particular (and being absolutely oblivious of the kind of workout you are doing), the permutation and combination of the clothes can be staggering. While some of the incorporation looks good enough to get all the attention, some can only add to your plight. Until your only motivation of hitting the gym can be justified as the need to post some extremely weird selfies on the social media, performance matters and they depend much on your clothes.


◊ Taking five such combinations of clothes, scroll down to learn more about them. And once you have enlightened yourself with some first-hand fashion lesson, hit out for the gym by wearing them and winning some really appreciating glances.


◊ The first combination uses three very efficient and essential piece of fitness wear. A sports bra with cut out details, an oversized tank top and a pair of leggings. You wear three of them together and further use a pair of sneakers to complete the look. Pick in dark palette for a smart, simple and effective appearance- exactly what most of us like.


◊ Fitness clothing has one very big advantage. They are comfortable to the supreme. A t-shirt in grey teamed with a pair of color blocked capri (grey and white can create a fine illusion) is ideal for an early morning gym session. For footwear you can opt for a pair of white trainer to look elegantly sporty.


◊ We never leave out an opportunity to wear printed leggings to the gym. Have you noticed how idiosyncratic classy they are? Thus, a pair of printed leggings (in summer patterns like floral and in bright hues) worn with a hoodie in neutral color is what you absolutely need to look stunning. The conventional shade will tone down the vibrancy of the prints to a certain extent, thus, bringing balance to the outfit. White trainers will the perfect stoke of finish.

Fitness Wear

◊ A slight variation to the above combination, for this look, you trade your hoodie for a nice and comfortable sports bra. You can pick the shades consequently based on the season. Advice would still be to pick dark and sober colors as that will not only hide the sweat patches, but also bring a sense of balance to the otherwise loud printed leggings.


◊ We are putting together a list of gym clothes and not mentioning a pair of shorts is a crime seldom forgiven. So pick a pair, one that is easy on the skin and good to look at, a single texture shorts shining through and team it with a sports bra in the same color or a tank top with a contrasting hue. To put together a sober guise, you can further resort to wearing a pair of athletic shoes in neutral shades.


Thus, to conclude, pick the fitness clothes you feel like and try out the above mentioned combinations for a definitive appearance in the gym, which boosts not only your performance but also your guise. Fitness wear wholesale can be purchased by the retailers from renowned manufacturers. The clothes can be purchased in bulk by getting massive discounts.


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Yoga at Home – 5 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Yoga Sessions

Millions of people practice yoga at home everyday. As commendable as that is, the problem is that majority of them fail to make the best of their sessions.


And perhaps that’s one big reason why it is always recommended to head to yoga classes and practice under the guidance of qualified instructors instead of relying solely on DIY poses. Yoga Apparel

But again, we understand that your tight schedule and other obligations leave you with less time to spare for even breathing let alone heading to daily 45-minutes yoga classes.


For busy and home-yogis bunch like this, here are 5 winning tips to get the best result from even a small 20-mins yoga sessions—


1. Listen to yourself and your body

• Don’t blindly follow all the tips and poses without knowing how it’s going to help you. Since you know yourself better, improvise different pose to meet your specific needs.
• Understand the limitation of your body. Doing uncomfortable poses—however beneficial—or continuing for long hours can do more harm than good.


2. Clad yourself in perfect yoga apparel

This is one of the surest ways to improve your overall performance—invest in high quality yoga wears. Better wears supplement your flexibility; ensure you’re well ventilated; keep sweats off you. When you feel comfortable, relaxed, pimping up your performance, gets easy. Today top fitness wear brands are offering many amazing varieties of yoga bras, leggings, t-shirts and more that are of top-notch quality. And best part? They are very affordable.


3. Keep away all the distractions

Even if you’ve planned for a 10-minutes yoga session, be serious about it and avoid all the distractions. Foremost, keep your phone away. Make sure you’re alone in the room, the doors and windows are shut, and that there is no noise around. Early morning is probably the best time to do yoga when things are much quieter and you soak in the freshness in air.

Yoga Clothing

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the MOST important thing. So at least an hour before your yoga session, drink enough water and give your body the time to consume it; don’t overdo it though. Avoid drinking in excess before the session starts. Right after you’re finished, drink water as needed. Avoid energy drink!


5. Spice things up with new poses

If you do of something in excess, you’re bound to get bored of it. Much like gym workout, yoga sessions could at times feel like a pain. Plus, there would also be a time when those regular poses would stop being as effective, given you’re now used to them. So spice things up every once in a while. Add new poses, experiment, and be persistent into pushing yourself. But don’t get carried away too far either. Listen to your body, as mentioned in #1.


These are 5 simple and practical tips for all the home-yogis to make their even short yoga sessions much more effective (and fun, yeah).