The Growing Popularity of Athleisure Wear in This Year


Fitness Clothing Wholesale

Athleisure being the summation of athletics and leisure has now developed into the term “athleisure wear” which refers to casual clothing that you can wear both for exercise and general use. The most common athleisure outfits are leggings, gym tanks, yoga pants, sweatpants, sports bras, hoodies and more. This trend is now regarded as a fashion industry movement and is winning hearts of fitness-conscious fashionistas. If you are a business owner willing to make your athleisure wear stock attractive, get in touch with a fitness clothing manufacturer of repute.

Rise of Athleisure

Athleisure came in vogue during 1970’s when fitness regimes became popular and clothes became improvised to suit athletic activities. Improvements began to be made gradually in the material of these clothes, using spandex, nylon and other synthetic fibre materials.

Transformation of Athleisure Into an Overwhelming Trend

High-performance activewear delivering optimum comfort became a popular choice for casual clothing. With constant enhancements, athleisure outfits started to become more lightweight, breathable and waterproof. Thus, athleisure combined sports, urban and fashion trends to help you lead a relaxed and fashionable lifestyle.

With the use of advanced technology and new materials, stretchable activewear with odor-reducing and sweat-wicking properties became the clothes choice for a healthy lifestyle. Athleisure is now a part of our lives as new fibres combined with fashion styles have made their comfort and feel top-notch. You can go for a run in the park or to work wearing your favorite atheisure apparel that speaks flexibility, versatility, comfort and style.

Laid-Back Style

You can wear athleisure outfits anytime and anywhere. And this universality has made this clothing such a desired option of fitness addicts and other individuals. You can even wear it at parties or social events to feel comfortable and look sizzling.

Athleisure as the Future of The Clothing Industry

Blending aesthetics from sports and fashion industry, athleisure clothing is now globally recognized. As athleisure wear has been adding on a lot of fashion and edge to make it the most stylish comfort wear out there, it is showing signs of becoming the future of the apparel industry. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and Rita Ora have made this clothing style more popular in the mainstream.

Suitable for all kinds of weather, athleisure wear is a good choice to keep your body temperature regulated. As more people are being concerned about mental wellness and healthy lifestyles, activewear has become their daily wardrobe staple. From runways, streets, parties to gyms, this trending apparel style is the new hit this year and is expected to be in vogue for a long time.

As a retailer with an eye to make your activewear collection praiseworthy, a tip is for you to develop familiarity with a high-rated clothing manufacturer who is also an activewear and underwear manufacturer. Then you can access quality and fashionable clothing at affordable prices.


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