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5 Gym Clothes that Women Want Every Man to Wear

For all the dudes out there, when you hit the gym, you look for clothes that are comfortable and stylish, sometimes a bit too stylish. To follow the trends blindly, you often forget that there is still a decorum that you are expected to maintain. No, they are not rocket science. To understand the need of wearing the right clothes is not very difficult.


Ladies who share the same gym arena with you, have frequently complained that the man working next to her was wearing shorts too tight, exposing things meant to be covered. (Embarrassment much!). So compiling a list of clothes that the ladies want you to wear in the gym, here it is given for you to read and understand and apply.

Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Bottom wear: A pair of shorts or joggers

The style of joggers and the practicality of shorts, yes, these are the ones up for the win. A pair of shorts made of mesh is very comfortable and provides proper coverage (the instance mentioned before). The regimes can become extremely difficult and the shorts with elastic waistband and proper fit are ideal. Also, they add a bit of college student vibe to men (not considering age here!). On the other hand, joggers are sexy, with their stylish tapered finish. They highlight the muscles and enhance the physique in a way which is much appreciated by women. You can buy them from manufacturers specializing in fitness clothing wholesale.

Top wear: A simple round neck t-shirt

Fitness clothing manufacturers know this for sure and have considered the opinions of the ladies while constructing gym t-shirts for men (the round neck ones). The uses of moisture wicking fabrics which ensure to soak the extra sweat and keep you dry are much preferred. Women have often complained about foul sweat smells, and these t-shirts are excellent in preventing so from happening. Also, they take the shape of the body and highlight the muscles. So it is more like a double win situation. Furthermore, pick them in solid colors for a more definite impact on the ladies.

Layering options: A hoodie

Hoodies are like the safe haven for men. The perfect layering option, hoodies work for all seasons, looks cool, feels cozy and adds much to the cool status quo. If you love hoodies, so does women and definitely want to steal them from your closets. Pick ones which come in plain textures minus any embellishments and casually throw them over your clothes. You are done for the day buddy.

Fitness Clothing Suppliers

Footwear: A pair of athletic shoes

Women too know the importance of supporting your ankle when working out rather than just looking good. So a well-performing pair of athletic sneakers is what you need- to enhance your performance and woo the ladies. Fitness clothing USA manufacturers construct them using a variety of shades which range from the conventional ones to the metallic ones to even the neon ones. Opt for a pair which suits the rest of clothes well.

Socks: The ankle length ones

Another important accessory yet is much neglected by us are a pair of socks. Get one thing right, ladies don’t want to see your mankle in the gym. Keep them hidden. Also, wearing socks is practical. They prevent blisters, provide ample support to the feet, and prevent those feet stenches from spreading across. Also, they increase the life-expectancy of the shoes. Need more reason to wear one? Don’t think so. Ladies, however prefer unpretentious ankle length pairs.


Thus, so it stands out that you need to pick a simple round neck t-shirt, a pair of shorts/joggers, supportive athletic shoes, ankle length socks and a hoodie to get the perfect gym ensemble. This ensemble works well with you and your performance, and the ladies, well it is coming straight from them. Added advantages, you can wear them seamlessly outside the gym as well. Fitness clothing suppliers have crafted clothes which retort to the above-mentioned ones. Retailers can avail attractive discounts when buying them in bulk.


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3 Reasons You Can Definitely Achieve Success in Fitness Clothing Business!

Are you thinking of starting a new business in clothing line? Do you know 50% of the clothing businesses succumb to failure due to excessive availability of the products in the market? But do not lose hope! If you want to flourish as a clothing retailer, fitness clothing can be the ideal product line for you. Why? Because ample opportunities are lying in this arena as the top wholesale fitness apparel suppliers are coming up with new trends.


If you check out the statistics, the top fitness clothing brands have seen more growth in their sales this year and the next year will leave you with more opportunities to innovate with your stock. Here are three best reasons why you should invest on fitness apparels if you want to grow as a clothing retailer. New Trend Fitness Apparel

1. New Trends Are Here For Men And Women Alike:

Earlier, fitness wears only meant baggy tracksuits which were only meant for the guys. But now new fitness gears are being produced by the top manufacturers which are specifically designed for women. Be it the tights, shorts, tank tops, sports bras or the whole set of yoga clothes, you can find a variety of fitness clothes to add to your women’s section. Select your fitness clothing wholesale supplier carefully so that you do not have any doubt the quality of the products you are investing on. Not only for women, but men too can enjoy the wide variety of fitness clothes like compression shorts, pants, jackets and tank tops which weren’t available earlier.


2. The Fitness Fad Is At Its Peak:

You can’t deny that the number of people heading to the gym is now higher than it was before. Therefore, the demand of fitness clothes is also on the rise. As fitness clothes have become a part of mainstream fashion, you can’t discard it just as fitness essential.Hence, gym clothes, running gears and yoga apparels are must-haves for all clothing retailers. So, don’t hesitate to invest on the high-quality fitness apparels if you are starting as a clothing retailer. New Trend Fitness Clothing

3. Fitness Clothing Can Now Be Worn Outside Of The Gym:

With the introduction of “Athleisure” trend in the active wear fashion, fitness clothes are not only meant for the gyms but you can also wear them for casual outing with friends or for grocery shopping. The fitness jackets are so fashionable that one can simply replace all their stylish and over-the-top glitzy jackets with the smart and colourful ones meant for the gym.


So, be quick and choose your fitness clothing manufacturer to give your clothing business a kick start.