Tips on How You Can Take Care of Delicate Undergarment and Clothes



By investing in premium underwear, the aim is to enhance comfort and beauty while at the same time ensuring the quality is there. A strong material, though, does not equal indestructible! Still, plenty of us believes that putting the price of clothing or underwear means that it will outlive the washing machine. So here are a few professional tips to save your closet.

How to Look After your Delicate Undergarments?

Delicate materials: Satin, silk, velvet, tulle, lace


The finer the fabric is the more delicate it is. Therefore to maintain your sexy lingerie from popular underwear manufacturers like the jockstraps, bodysuits, briefs, or thongs, the most safest and effective solution is obviously hand washing. It takes time, no doubt, but it’s worth it.

Hand Clean your Fragile Undergarments

Separate black and white from the shades. White undergarment tends to turn gray and blacks to fade or whiten. To steer clear of this, clean them only with parts of the same tone.


Soak in your undergarment for 5 mins in the water below 30 degrees Celsius.


Clean it thoroughly using soap or detergent.

Rinse using lukewarm water and then a second time in cold water to remove any remaining soaps, detergent, or other residues.


Keep in mind not to wring your undergarment too hard if you don’t want to distort lingerie. Dry them flat or on top of a towel that will soak in the water, but don’t put them on top of the radiators to keep the shape and colors. At last, forget the ironing and dryer, which significantly ruins the materials.


If you still wish to clean your undergarment inside a washing machine, put them in pillowcases, nets, or pockets for mild washing. Try low-temperature cycles without ever crossing 30 degrees Celsius, and use a gentle detergent. In the end, steer clear of the fabric softener which affects the elasticity of the clothing.

How to Take Care of Delicate Clothing?

For iconic loungewear or sportswear apparel, conventional machine washing between 40-60 degrees is ideally apt. Nevertheless, for more fragile materials, you have to be more watchful.


Business owners and retailers if you want to add wholesale clothing of delicate fabrics to your store you need to get in touch with the support team of one of the reliable wholesale clothing manufacturers. Understand what you have to place an order for and send in your mail. Curate a bulk order and send it to the company for quick delivery.


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