Use This Guide to Help you Find the Right Clothes for Cricket

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We have time and again heard that one size doesn’t fit all. In sports, wearing the proper clothing is of great importance, because of massive physical movement like diving, running, sprinting, etc. The clothes from popular cricket clothing manufacturers a sports personality adorns gives her/him flexibility in movement whilst making sure that the optimum temperature is upheld. Many studies have associated clothing with performance.

Cricket is generally played throughout the day time, at times underneath the blazing heat in the middle of summer. Plus, the person batting has to wear protective gear which confines the movement to an extent.

Material Type

Sporting the proper clothes must start with the choice of the correct material. It is crucial to have breathable materials as it encourages the flow of air all through the body and does not trap in moisture. Preferably, materials like spandex, wool, polyester, and cotton are considered nice. Wool is preferred throughout winters. Polyester is naturally lightweight and dries rapidly in comparison to other materials. Besides material, a cricketer should check other aspects of the clothing such as the ventilation spots, shirt side panels, size of the pockets, etc. The proper clothing will have breathable mesh and several ventilation areas for free airflow.

Raglan Sleeve

A raglan sleeve is a nice example of comfort and style. Raglan sleeve is a kind of sleeve that continues to the neckline and the collar. The shade of the sleeve is generally different from the tee. This is a perfect kind of jersey style as the design forms a broader area in the underarm, thus offering full flexibility in the movement of arms. The additional room can be of great help, particularly for the bowlers in bowling the delivery. The raglan sleeve guarantees 360 degree mobility.

Fast Drying

Sporting quick-dry fabric for outdoor sports is important as it upholds the skin temperature as well as keeps the body warm. Polyester is known to be a quick-drying material. Lots of sporting jerseys include polyester for the very same reason. The material soaks in on 0.4% of its weight in moisture, and therefore it dries rapidly. The polyester fibers are extremely hard-wearing in nature and can be used in stitching into thinner materials.

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