Men Rev Up Your Wardrobe This Winter 2018: A Few Tips!

Slowly creeping into winter season is like a breath of fresh air, but it’s about gearing up to match steps with the bleak, brooding mood! Adding colors and layers to your attire is the best thing to do to beat the chill in style. All the handsome hunks, with a suave look and chiseled body can make heads turn if they can dust off their right winter coat and pull it out of the stacks, do some right mix matching with scarves, jackets, hats. Your wardrobe’s deserves a makeover, just the way your look does!

Rethink Your Layer, Ditch Uninspiring Layers

You can wear your puffa jacket to your workplace, a bit baggy one over your chosen suit which you usually keep for the informal meetings or outings. Swap your inner and outer layers to make your winter outings more happening!

Be Bold, be Unapologetic

Your school-days-look can get back- and it can make you look like a dandy- yes, you heard it right! Go for that same dorky knitted winter attires, like the patterned scarves, nerdy beanies, leg warmers and more. If you choose the stylish way and go for cool colors like mossy green, dark grey, light-orangey shades, dark blue or champagne color- you are sure to win the show! Chuck motif, very bright colors that are jarring to the eyes. If you are looking for variety, then knock a top custom clothing manufacturer, your ideal destination to engage in bulk buying at wholesale rates!

Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Step out in Boots

Winter and boots are inseparable and if you have not stacked knee high boots, leather ones, winter hunting boots, caribou boots and the like, then your wintery look cannot be complete. Give your brogues a break and opt for army boots with more gripping soles that make walking on the icy pavements, easier.

Sunglasses Can also be a Winter Accessory

Though summer and sunglasses are synonymous, winter does not mean that your sunglasses are not ready to cover your pair of eyes! Did you feel that the sunrays after snowfalls are blinding at times? Why not try sunglasses? However, opt for neutral, mute shades instead of the bright ones!

Be Sloppy but in Style

Hitting outdoors doesn’t mean that you give your sweatpants, hoodies, old tees, daddy-jeans a miss. Team it with more sophisticate pieces to reflect the right look! Suiting your body type, sense of style and your personality, picking up winter clothes from a top manufacturer and going the custom way is a very plausible option! Go for winter custom made clothing and take your handsome quotient notches higher!