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3 More Clothing Myths You Need to Break Immediately (Part 2)

In the last article, we discussed on how certain myths exist in the fashion circuits and how to break them. We also pondered upon the idea that they are doing no good to anyone, making their existence forced, cogged up. We discussed three myths that already exist, and in the following article, we will touch upon another three such ideas which need to be changed, immediately. So to find out more about them, read on.

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Myth #4: T-shirts can’t be worn with suits

Layering is always a good idea for it adds to the stature in volumes. However, the key is to keep it simple and minimalistic. While the tailoring of the suit should lean more towards being casual, the tee should be modest. Be mindful of not going for overly done patterns and prints for that is going to look flashy. Choose a texture that is subtle and easy on the eyes. Make sure that the tone of the t-shirt should complement the texture of the suit. It will help you look classically elegant. Stripes for the t-shirt can be a great variation, which can render it perfect for a variety of occasions, from formal to casual.

Myth #5: White is only for Labour Day

One of the most absurd rules to exist in the fashion circuit is that you can’t wear a particular colour after a particular festival. Though the colour white is associated with Labour Day in large, it is a colour that can be worn all year long, especially during the summer (it keeps you cool). Until you want to sweat your buttocks off in all-black, be your guest. From white t-shirts to oxford shirts, white pants to trainers, the colour is ubiquitous and omnipresent. Whether you are planning to rough it up or wear it the dapper style, this pristine colour works always. Clothing suppliers USA have a vast inventory of clothes that showcase the shade in all its glory.

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Myth #6: Single patterns work the best, no clashing them

And that is the most outrageous myth of all. This archaic rule has been put to rest too many times by designers for years, yet it seems to come back every time. Combining two patterns has always created a stylish result. They should not work together, but they do and oh so splendidly. If you are confident and willing to experiment with your look, you can juxtapose them together. From paisley prints to bright floral, stripes to checks, they all have a spectacular outcome when blend together. If you, however, are not up for something hard, the keep it simple and modest like a striped shirt with check tie. That is principally elegant.


To conclude, break the superstitions that have been existing for way too long. The fashion industry seldom follows rules which make it easier to go ahead just break the shackles forever. Till you are well in your comfort zone (in terms of clothes though), everything works just fine. Wholesale clothing manufacturers are constructing clothes that have found a balance between trends and exclusivity. Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase, can register with them today and get discounts. So break the myth and make distinct appearances every time you step out of your house.


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A Definite Guide to be a Clothing Distributor in USA

Once a distant thought, more and more people are starting apparel distribution companies these days. And no one’s really surprised given the industry itself is in boom and top clothing suppliers USA based are providing the entrepreneurs with more opportunities to scale and sustain the business rather easily.


Do you want to be one of the top clothing distributors USA based?


If you’re open to that idea, here’s how you can venture the path like a total pro (even when you don’t know a squat about this industry).


1. Talk to other clothing distributors

You can read and you will know; but when you talk to other clothing distributors, you will understand. So get in touch with others on the same path –be it in person or via online platforms – and talk to them about the whole operation and technical aspects. It’s important that before you start, you know everything of what you’re getting yourself into. Clothing Suppliers USA

2. Take your time in selecting the manufacturer

Your whole distribution business will rely on the manufacturers or clothing suppliers USA based. So make sure to take your time in picking the best one. First sort out your own needs and requirements – the apparel niche you’re venturing, your target retailers and more – and then choose the manufacturer accordingly. Check their distribution program and that if you qualify for it.


3. Notch up your networking game

If you aren’t already good in networking, polish up that skill because you’re going to need when dealing with retailers. Since a big commitment with more money involved, you’ll have to be convincing to the small businesses. So be a smooth talker and know how to close the deal.


4. Don’t try to be everything for everyone

Trying to be everything for everyone could be fatal. So pick your niche. Don’t warehouse everything – from fitness and fashion apparels to lifestyle wears – and target everyone – women, men, kids and more. Understand the concept of micro-targeting. Unlike a retailer, you don’t need thousands of customers for decent profit; just a few is sufficient, at least in your first few months. Clothing Distributors USA

5. Settle all the technical ends

There are a number of technical aspects that you must know and be ready for; be it how you’re going purchase from the manufacturer, where you’re going to stock the wholesale, how you’re going to ship to your clients and so on. Answer all these technical questions.


6. Estimate your operating cost and revenue correctly

Be certain of the financial end. Don’t exaggerate or underestimate the value. Factor everything. Have a decent pricing strategy. Knowing the hows, whats and whens of the finance will keep you on track, motivated, with real expectations.


7. Partner with other distributors

When you’re making decent revenue, the next step is to expand your operation. How? You partner with the other distributors. So look around on web. Your clothing manufacturer or supplier can help you find other distribution companies. Talk to them and scale strategically without risking heaps.


If you’re planning to start your clothing distribution company, these are seven important things you must remember. Now go on, look around for a good manufacturer.


Solve Mid-week Fashion Crisis wearing Stunning Clothes from Clothing Suppliers

Just when a week kick starts, you know how to get done with the weekend hangover through fashion and styling. yes, it is the outfits we wear which play important roles to make you gleeful and confident enough to chuck off those depressing morning blues. Monday might be something very trendy in office formals, and Tuesdays are about classy semi-formals, but what about the mid week Wednesdays and Thursdays? It often happens that by the time we reach the middle of the weak, our brain and creativity gives up and hence we lose all the patience and motivation to deck up elegantly. Understanding this issue, the leading clothing suppliers USA companies bring to you a wide array of sensational outfits.


Clothing Suppliers USA

>> Denim-the Fashion Must
If you are more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of a girl. then nothing can work better than classic denims for you. What if you try out something fresh and edgy with denims? Confused? We will tell you how. Just slip into a funky full-sleeved tee, adorned with funny and adorable prints, teamed casually with ripped jean trousers and those neutral shaded sneakers (a top knot and a wayfarer will just do fine!).


>> Never Stop Playing Dress Up
If you are a working woman with a strict formal dress code, would you just give up on carrying a fashionable appeal at the daily nine to five schedule? No, get ready to look like a dive at the office in the mid week with a sizzling get up. Just pair up a silken dark colored blouse , tucked into a cotton wide legged semi-formal trousers , sans any belt to get the much required stylistic grace at workplace.


>> Color Outside the Lines
Fashion has no definite rule as long as you are confident and comfortable in wearing something. Thus, why stay away from colors? Do not, because color blocking is definitely the latest trend which creating a stir in the fashion scene. For instance, let your mid week styling crisis fade away with a halter plain magenta crop top, and straight fit long orange skirt.


Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

>> Midi is Your Hobby?
If you are an ardent fan of midi dresses, then a black midi dress must be in your closet. Team up a black tight fit straight cut midi dress with floral accents on few places, rendering a very preppy, yet high-class style appeasing image.


>> Encrusted with Embellishments
With the popular trend of embellished outfits which the wholesale clothing suppliers USA companies are introducing in women’s outfits, embrace this craze for a poised demeanour. Strut into any evening party on a Wednesday or Thursday with a rich colored maxi dress or gown , adorned with sleek and exotic embellishments in the form of studs, faux diamonds and many more.


>> Free Spirit
Get some cool and flirty vibes with the much famous boho-chic get up. Just bank on a flowing bizarre printed maxi dresses with shoulder cut outs and slits on the bottom for flair, reflecting liveliness and charm.


>> Sporty and Sensuous
Try out a tomboyish smart look with balanced touch of feminine panache, in a cropped white tank tee, with dark blue mid length skirt , adorned with contrasting polka dots and a sporty white sneakers for a preppy finishing.