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Types of Flannel Shirts for Women to Get the Grunge Fashion: Style Ideas

Flannel plaid is probably one of the ubiquitous fabric and pattern combinations which seems to be there in the fashion scene forever. With the preppy and punk connotations which this holds, flannel as a fabric emerged in the 17th century in America, from being used as the dresses for the soldiers in the civil war, to getting fused with check patterns which got famous from the tartan plaid prints of the Scottish Highlanders. In 1970’s the plaid rebellion brought in the style of wearing womens plaid flannel shirts tied into a knot with denim shorts and whereas in the 1990’s, these checked high-quality fabric shirts became the popular symbol of the grunge movement in the world of music. Since then, plaid has not stopped adorning the fashionable crowd, with the couture designers crafting wholesale womens flannel shirts for the fashion-forward ladies, carrying tinge of reverence, owing to the rollercoaster ride it has been witnessing.

Womens Plaid Flannel Shirts

Thought there was once a time when plaid flannel shirts only symbolized the same cut, shape, pattern and color, but today with the evolution of the fashion scene, the eternally famous plaid flannels got a makeover from the top-notch designers and wholesale manufacturing hubs. Thus, to lend you few ideas to play with while you want to shop these wardrobe essentials, here are few key pieces which you must consider having:

1. For the punk within you: Cropped plaid flannel

If you are tired of your same old feminine poised demeanor, it is time to go for a complete transformation with the 90’s punk and grunge fashion. Pick up a raw and rustic look with a cropped plain flannel shirt, equipped with smart collars and sans pockets. Full sleeve or sleeve less, this piece can be stacked in dark color combination or something in subtle shade. Be it with a pencil skirt, pleated long flowing skirt, midi or shorts, this cropped flannel will deck you up with an off-beat style stance and at the beach or for the pool parties, this ensemble will prove out to be your favorite.

Wholesale Womens Flannel Shirts

2. Go carelessly smart at the streets: Monochromatic boyfriend plaid shirt

The casual loose fitted men’s wear inspired boyfriend shirts look awe-inspiring when women clad them carelessly for simple shopping sprees or coffee dates. What about a monochromatic black and white plaid flannel button down boyfriend shirt till the waist, which will lend you a nonchalant style essence with unusual flair and verve? Best for the mild winters, they can be teamed with rigged jeans or can be worn simply when you are off to the beach in the summer. The black and white color combination will help you carry a tomboyish poise when you tie at the waist, perfect to do the grunge fashion, and team it with sneakers or canvas shoes and not girly heels!

3. Even a ruffian can show skin: Multicolored plaid shoulder cutout

Add some edge to your grunge look with something trendy and sexy, in tune with the recent fashion craze of skin show. Adorned with a deep V plunging neckline, this shoulder cut out multicolored plaid flannel will enhance your feminine side, keeping the spunk and funk factors intact. The leading womens flannel shirt designers are crafting these multicolored cut out flannels for the ladies who love to dress elegantly!

Jenifer Anniston Rocked in Flannel Shirts and Pajama Pants in TV Series “Friends”

When it comes to the most stylish celebs, none can deny the proficiency, which Jenifer Anniston, the talented actress holds. Be it the characters played by her on screen, or while making a public appearance off screen, she has always been an absolutely phenomenon fashionista, and rocked each and every style quotient of hers. Talking about her fashion sense, we cannot miss out on her character of Rachel Greene played in the famous television series of 90’s “Friends”. Experts are of the view, that her character there dressed more stylishly than Jennifer actually did in real life!


With a classy and indomitable essence of clothing sense which she has, this celeb has always been in news for being a ultimate diva! Apart from the gowns, and dresses or the classic denims, the other outfit which Rachel did confidently, giving us major style inspiration, would be the vintage flannel clothes. Keeping in mind the rage about the wholesale womens flannel shirts and other plaid outfits, the makers also did not leave a chance to make her don the best looks in them. Regarded as the style icon who influenced womenswear in 1990’s, and we will get you covered with the most stunning looks of her in plaid flannel outfits as Rachel Greene. Wholesale Womens Flannel ShirtsThe blue and white plaid short shirt
In the scene when Ross and Rachel end up having a tiny-not-so-romantic-sudden date at the launderette, Rachel rocked a cute and casual look in a cropped collared blue and white flannel plaid shirt, teamed with high waisted capri pant in dark blue shade. Her hair tied up into a messy knot, who could have stopped Ross from falling for her all over again? Thus, if you too love plaid shirts, you can definitely try out one of the womens plaid flannel shirts in cropped silhouette.


The chic plaid dress
She absolutely looked chic and gorgeous even while hogging on her food, not caring how she looks while eating! In a soothing and subdued blue shaded dress, worn over a purple half sleeve high neck tee, Rachel definitely made hearts flutter!


The old school girl in mini skirt
In the episode when she was babysitting Marcel, the pet monkey of Ross, and ends up losing it, even amidst the anxieties and worries, she flaunted the most adorable look in a white full sleeve turtle neck tee, tucked into a white, red and black combined flannel plaid skater mini skirt. Not to forget the high rising socks with her shoes which added to the school girl vibes!Wholesale Women Flannel DressGlamorous body hugging trousers
Not just in one single episode, but it seems Rachel was in love with the body hugging tight fitted high waist flannel plaid pants! Hence, she was spotted again and again in plaid flannel trousers, in red-black, or grey-red, or green-black color combinations! She wore them with either the graphic t-shirts or plain single colored tops, setting a completely new and fresh trend!


Laid back pajamas and shorts
Even at home, laying around, Miss Greene made the most adorable, yet casual appearances in the funky wholesale flannel pajama pants, and shorts! Mesmerising, they rendered her the most simple yet preppy silhouette!


Jennifer in a plaid flannel dress
Seems she loves the plaid flannel style in real life too, and hence was witnessed walking the red carpet in a little flannel plaid dress in black and white, with black wool coat, flattering her persona in the most polished way!


The Eternal Stylish Connection between Women Flannel Fanatics and Flannel Shirts

When we talk about a woman’s wardrobe staples, then just like a white shirt, an LBD and a classic blue denim comes into consideration, none can deny the importance of a plaid flannel shirt. Comfortable and warm, they are the perfect dress code for the winters, but what about doing them in spring? Versatile and trendy, you cannot fall out of love when it comes to the check patterns which flannels symbolise, then what about adding some spin to your style statement and pulling off a chic look all year throughout? The sizzling array of womens plaid flannel shirts crafted by the designers will definitely get you compliments, making you the next trend setter!

Wholesale Womens Flannel Shirts

Now, you might go on over thinking about the style ideas which you must embrace to wear the flannel shirts all around the year! We will help you with few tips


Choose colors and plaids carefully
Plaids might sound very boring at times, as one has little options to experiment. But then there is always an alternative. Go for colors which flatter your complexion and most importantly your persona. Be it a solid color theme or warm, the tonal shade must be in sync with the place your are heading towards. Subdued ones like pink, white, yellow grey and darker ones like reds, orange brown or black can be the best options.


Now, there might not be a lot or prints for flannels, but definitely a medley of check patterns which can be considered. If you are bored of the plain tartan checks, then peep through the possibilities of gingham or madras, pin-stripes, or window pane ones for a unique quotient.


The silhouette it renders
The range of wholesale womens flannel shirts in the retail stores come in a wide array of fittings, lines and lengths, and it is up to the wearer to decide the size. Now if you are going to an office meeting then go for slim fitted one, and for casual strolls, an oversized plaid flannel shirt with distressed boyfriend jeans will provide the perfect spunky appeal!


Girly stance
People often have a misconception that plaids only suit the men because of the masculine stance they carry. But women can wear them all throughout the year to do something out of the box other than sticking to the normal girly tops and dresses.  Want to know how? Here are some essential tricks

 Womens Plaid Flannel Shirts

>> Keep two three buttons on the upper side left open for relaxed vibes.

>> Always do not go for the plain button down masculine shirts, rather try some other cuts like the ones with fringes or ruffles to add feminine poise.

>> Try out chunky accessories, so that a boho-chic ensemble can be adapted easily.

>> Why always stick to the drab and banal denims? Go for skirts and palazzos too!

>> A womens flannel shirt looks highly endearing when used as a layering over any simple plain top that you are wearing!

>> What if you could add some zing to your plain dress? Wear a dark colored flannel shirt over a subdued colored dress for a fresh get-up!

>> Let your flannel shirt be the ultimate cover up at the beach, instead of the regular chiffon cover-ups which might be too monotonous at times!


Five Women and Men Flannel Shirts to Rock this Holiday Season

Although men’s and womens flannel shirts are popular around the seasons, different seasons call in for different varieties of these shirts. Meaning- you can’t wear the same variety of flannel shirt in winter that you wore this past summer; well, of course you can ‘can’ if you want to lag behind the trend and in the fashion world.


Wholesale Flannel Shirts


So here are five men and women plaid flannel shirts to own this winter to rock your holidays; this list would also be helpful if you own a small clothing business- stock these types of wholesale flannel shirts:


1. Classic red and black This variety is the first love of all season in both women and men’s department. Classic red and black flannel shirts sit atop of every customers’ demand list. Very chic, they come in a range of different types of patterns- mostly either small or big boxes.
2. Grey and black plaid Grey and black flannel shirts peak in the demand during winter, thanks to their dark color combination. It is mostly preferred by men, but that is not to say women don’t like them. They go perfectly with blue denim jeans.
3. Green camouflage Green camouflage flannel shirts are for the people who want that sporty and bad-ass look. They look on both women and men. Just pair them up light color bottoms and right kind of footwear.
4. Red and white checks With history as evidence, this type of flannel shirt always comes to the mainstream during winter. Maybe it is their color combination that complements Christmas or whatever but red and white check flannel shirts are adored by both ladies and men equally.
5. Lake Plaid It is the pattern of lake plaid flannel shirts and not necessarily their color combinations that make them a favorite among everyone. So, as the age-old rule goes, if you are targeting women, customize your wholesale flannel shirts with light colors and for men, root for dark color combinations.


Flannel Shirts Manufacturer


Note for small businesses
Since you are buying women and wholesale mens flannel shirts for winter season, you have to be particularly careful about the quality of its fabrics. It should not only provide optimum level of comfort to the wearer, but also be well adept to combat the cold and chilly days of this season. They should be cozy and offer warmth.