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3 Features of the Best Quality Wholesale Sublimation Clothing You Should Check!

If you are a retailer of sublimation clothing, then a lot of your business will revolve around getting your hands on the best quality, so that you can give your customers something better than others have to offer. However, whether your shop is online or otherwise, to get your hands on the best, you must know what the best is – and that is exactly what this blog is going to tell you.


Wholesale Sublimation Clothing


It will enlist three qualities of sublimated clothing that you can look out for, if you want to stock your shop with only the best. While many of the mediocre qualities will also have these 3 things, when you come across the crème de la crème, you will know the difference for yourself. Now, let’s find out –

1. High Quality Microfiber with Max Polyester Blends

Sublimation prints come out best in high quality microfiber fabrics and that is exactly what polyester is. Known as the best of the best, the sublimation clothes that come with a max polyester or pure polyester fabric composition last longer and fit better than others. This fabric elevates the whole experience and once you can compare between a polyester sublimation clothing and some other material, you will know why customers enjoy it more.


Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

2. Best Color Rendition

Sublimation clothing manufacturers create some of the best rendition of colors on their high quality sublimation clothing and you will know the difference, the instance you set your eyes on it. From brightness to the true tone of the shades, everything pops out when you take a look at the best sublimation clothing; the different shades of the printed subject to the realistic depiction of graphics, it is all a wonderful coming together of the best type of printed clothes available today!

3. Sweat Absorbent

Since these t shirts are made of microfiber clothing, the small pores allow them to absorb a lot of sweat, making it a good summer option. The lower quality sublimation clothing does not offer this because the fabric quality is not the same. Also, the top quality helps evaporate the moisture fast, keeping you dry too – which is an indispensable quality in the summer heat.


So, the next time you are going to buy sublimation t-shirts wholesale in bulk, keep these three qualities in mind and you will always make a good score – which means happier customers, more sales, and a happier you!


Sublimation Printing is the Jehovah of Modern Clothing Manufacturers

The term ‘sublimation’ has been going around lately and most of you must have heard about it. Some of the manufacturers call it dye-sub or dye sublimation printing but no matter what you call it, sublimation printing is a versatile, digital printing technique that opens up a world of opportunities to any consumer of decorated goods.

Dye Sublimation Makes Printing Designs on Clothes so Much Easier!

The novel method of dye sublimation has become very popular among clothing manufacturers because it has made unlimited design printing a possibility. Also, the image or design printed on a t-shirt or any other clothing item does not just stay on top of the fabric but the ink is rather infused with the fabric in order to give it a smooth texture and the print actually becomes a part of the garment. Clothes manufactured using this process is much more durable and the design is also less prone to getting cracked or faded. Since the printed clothes can stand the test of harsh weather and rigorous washing, it is deemed perfect as sportswear and promotional wear, although it is quickly becoming the favorite among all because of its ability to customize and squeeze in as many designs and images as one wants. This printing method can only be used in clothes made of polyester or on specialty items that are made of polyester or given a polyester coating.

Sublimation Printing Modern Clothing

Know the Benefits before Placing Wholesale Orders!

This process offers the customers numerous benefits. If you have already found reliable and leading sublimation clothing manufacturers and suppliers who are perfect for your business and can cater to your requirements, then just browse through the various benefits that you would be able to pass on to your customers.


• Clear, Bright Colors: Unlike screen printing and other techniques, dye sublimation printing makes for refined and detailed printing of designs. Since the ink is infused within the fabric and looks one with the garment, it makes for bright and more textured prints that looks sophisticated and feels smooth.
• Room for Individual Customization: In screen printing process, there is the use of separate screens to achieve one single design with different elements of art in it. But dye sublimation printing does away with separate screens and it makes individual customization much easier. If you have a football or basketball team and need to get custom-made team uniforms with the logo and name of the club, name and number of the players and sponsors, then sublimated clothing would be your best bet.
• Lightweight and Durable: The prints are never thick or heavy in this process and the garment practically remains unchanged except for the addition of the art. The wearer is going to feel cool, dry and comfortable at all times. The print also does not crack and peel and one can be sure that it would last for as long as the garment lasts.


What are you still waiting for? Place your order of wholesale sublimation clothing and save your hard-earned money!